Checkout Builder - Much more than a customizable checkout!

Checkout Builder - Much more than a customizable checkout!

Hotmart has just launched a powerful tool to customize your checkouts - and one that goes beyond a customizable checkout. Learn all the advantages of the Checkout Builder!

Hello, Hotmarter, how are you doing? One of the biggest Hotmart launches at FIRE 2017, which took place on August 16 and 17, is the Checkout Builder! Read our post and learn everything about this tool, which comes with lots of must-have features to boost your conversions.

You probably already know that, at Hotmart, you can count on 4 different kinds of checkout:

  • Customizable Checkout;
  • Standard Checkout;
  • Checkout Widget to insert on your website;
  • Mobile Checkout.

And, today we have some news for you!

But before we introduce you to this amazing feature, here’s a question: did you know that the visual identity of a product says a lot about its sales volume?

Research has shown that a product’s visual has a direct impact on how the buyers see it and, therefore, a direct impact on its conversions. In our everyday lives, our own brain associates different feelings and benefits to a brand, packaging, etc.

The same happens to your digital product! And that’s why reinforcing your visual and verbal identity is so important, wouldn’t you agree?

Checkout Builder is here!

Our exclusive payment system, HotPay, is always looking for news to optimize your conversions. The new features on the Thank You page is just one of them.

And thinking about offering your business another amazing innovation, we bring you a new customizable checkout, with countless features fresh out the oven so you don’t just enjoy it, but also provide your customers with the best purchasing experience.

That’s right! You’ll be able to customize your checkout better and count on better performance to make your business soar!

Do you want to know more about the advantages of the Checkout Builder? Here are 6 benefits!

#1. More flexibility: you can count on a high-level customization degree for your products’ checkouts and set them up according to your business’s visual and verbal identity.

#2. Mobile experience: make the most out of different features for the desktop version to customize your checkouts on smartphones and tablets and ensure a new mobile experience for your users.

#3. Customization per Offer: come up with countless checkouts, taking into consideration each of the strategies for your digital products, making as many customized offers as you’d like.

#4. High-conversion templates: to make it easier to create your checkouts, we brought ready-to-use checkout models for high conversions. This means that you just need to choose the one that best fits your business and adapt it.

#5. Instant rendering: it may not seem like it, but are you aware that the speed your checkout comes up on the screen can dictate the success of your sales? With the Checkout Builder, it will come up instantly for the buyers!

#6. More trust: use our features to provide your customers with more safety and handle their purchase objections – they can check ratings and reviews from other buyers, warranty badges for your product, and much more.

And that’s not all! It ensures lots of advantages to help you build the ideal checkout, with customized offers your customers can’t miss – providing you and your business with even more conversions.

You’re not gonna sit this one out, are you? Learn all the advantages of the Checkout Builder now!


Good luck with your business! :)

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