GDPR - What Hotmart is doing to adapt to the new requirements

Learn about some of the changes the GDPR brings to companies that process and store data, and how this new regulation can have an impact on your digital business.

GDPR – What Hotmart is doing to adapt to the new requirements

Never before has the world debated so much about the safety of your data on the internet as today. With a vast amount of personal information being processed, your customers and your digital business need to be more and more protected. And it is in this context that GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, after years of preparation and debates, was approved in the European Parliament.

Learn now what measures have been stipulated to safeguard the privacy of the residents in the European Union (EU), and how companies that handle data, including Hotmart and your digital business, should comply with the new rules that come into effect on May 25th, 2018.

After all, what is the GDPR and why is it so important?

On October 24th, 1995, the Directive 95/46/EC, also known as the European Data Protection Directive, was created to regulate the processing of personal data. In 2012, the European Commission proposed an update in the regulation, and, in 2016, it was adopted by the European Parliament and Council.

Two years later, the GDPR will be fully applied in the European Union.

Its importance lies in the directives that will drastically change regulatory policies for a more transparency and empowerment of the people who are the proprietors of data.

What is this data?

Any information relating to the customers, that may be used directly or indirectly, to identify a person, including name, email address, bank or medical information, posts on social media, pictures, and even the IP address of a computer.

What changes with the GDPR?

One of the most important objectives of the GDPR is to maximize the safety in terms of privacy and violation of information, in a society that is increasingly data-oriented.

Although some of the directives created prior to the GDPR have been maintained, a wide range of changes has been proposed.

The rules do not only apply to the organizations located in the European Union, but to all of those who operate outside of it and offer products or services to, or monitor the behavior of, users in the EU.

How is Hotmart adapting to the new paradigms of the GDPR?

Hotmart believes in and fights for transparency, responsibility, and democracy. Our platform has processed more than 13 million purchases in 182 different countries, with total security.

You will still hear a lot of news about our actions concerning the GDPR, but we have come up with a list of the actions that we already take and the ones we are developing to comply to the new rules. Here they are:

  • We have created a Cookie Policy that enables the user to identify which cookies and other tools are used to collect data, which data is collected and for how long;
  • Our Privacy Policy established in which capacity the data will be utilized, processed and shared with third-parties, so that it is clear to the users why we require their information;
  • We follow compliance rules for the adequate processing of your personal data, so that only the employees that strictly need to access them have the power to do so;
  • In this case, an employee (Data Protection Office, DPO) will be chosen to oversee the compliance rules and act as a liaison for users, and supervising and control authorities.
  • It’s important to highlight that it is indispensable to collect, store, and process personal data from the users, in order to make it possible to provide our services;
  • We ensure our users that we keep all collected personal data duly safe, protected, and confidential;
  • We are committed to notify you, in case of breach, in the principle of transparency and trust that must always guide the relationship between Hotmart and its users;
  • We have an exclusive communication channel so that users may clear their questions about the GDPR, learn about their rights and how to exercise them.
If you already have a Hotmart Analytics or HotLeads code installed on your page, a notice about our policies will be shown automatically to your users with a European IP address. If you don’t want to show the notice about Hotmart’s policies, you can disable it. Still, you must notify your users by your own means, once the data is already being collected. Your notification must follow the standards established by the EU (you can check them out here).

But we won’t stop there. A lot is coming, after all the GDPR has a huge impact on the culture and in the way the companies that work on the Internet act, it is an important milestone, but not all changes will be made immediately.

We are talking about a gradual change. However, Hotmart ensures that it is aligned with the stipulated demands, keeping you, and your digital business, completely safe.

If you want to read the complete document on the GDPR, please CLICK HERE.

If there are any other questions, our Terms of Use can be accessed HERE.

All the best, and you can count on Hotmart!

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