How to get more followers on Instagram? [15 current tips]

How to get more followers on Instagram? [15 current tips]

Do you know how to get more followers on Instagram? See in this post 15 tips on how to increase your audience on this social network.

Social networking sites are excellent communication tools, as they allow for a practically instantaneous interaction with people all around the world. Besides, they also present an excellent opportunity for you to promote your products and services, as they function as a display window for your brand.

However, with changes made to the algorithms of social media, it is increasingly difficult to send your content to every single person who follows you. This happens because these tools try to segment more and amore the content that is sent to each user, in order to prioritize what seems more suitable for each person according to their preferences.

With these updates, getting more engagement on social media is hard work. But there are a few things you can do to increase your audience, and today we’ll talk specifically about how to get more followers on Instagram.

What you’ll see in this post:

Use #hashtags Interact with other profiles Avoid SPAM Consider your buyer persona Post in predetermined times Be consistent in your publications Make videos Add value to your followers Promote sweepstakes and contests Develop partnerships Promote your Instagram profile Invest in ads Contact digital influencers Maintain a harmonious feed Bonus: don’t buy followers

But before we dive into these 15 tips on how to get more followers on Instagram, a disclaimer: we will not provide you with a magic formula. All the tips we give here depend on you and your engagement with Instagram and your brand. So, let’s get to it! Enjoy!

1. Use #hashtags

#Hashtags are very popular among internet users, in a variety of situations, but they are constantly present on social media posts. They have the # symbol (sometimes referred to as ‘hash’, or ‘pound’), followed by a keyword, which identifies the topic of the post.

And why is it important to use hashtags?

Every time you post and use a specific hashtag, you can direct your content to users who are interested in your niche.

Let’s explain this a little bit better with an example:

Imagine you took a picture of your breakfast and wrote on your Instagram a few tips about what to eat after waking up.

If your focus is on healthy eating, it is a good idea to add hashtags such as #preworkout, #healthyeating, #nutrition, or another keyword that relates to what you do.

By using hashtags, you can make it easier for people to find something specific. More than that, if you monitor these tags, you will have an idea of what your competitors have been posting, what the trends are, and make your profile more visible to others.

This means hashtags are an excellent way of getting more followers on Instagram, as you can promote your content to those who search using keywords, even if they don’t know your brand.

But don’t overdo it! Using too many hashtags, or ones that are too generic, such as #instagram, #follow, or others that have nothing to do with your segment.

2. Interact with other profiles

It is very important that you interact with other profiles, especially the ones that are in the same area of interest.

Remember the hashtags in the previous tip? Take advantage of them and start interacting with the profiles that use the same keywords you do. Just make sure you don’t start following your competition instead of your potential buyers.

Another way of interacting is to always reply to comments in your posts. After all, starting a dialogue with people who are interested in your brand is extremely important. And when you reply to the comments, you show them that you care about what they have to say.

Also, try to like and post comments on posts from your potential buyers, as this is another way of showing them that you care.

But be careful not to SPAM, which is our next tip.

3. Avoid SPAM

SPAM is the act of constantly sending unsolicited messages to people who have not shown interest in your product or service. (To learn more about this, read our post on What is SPAM and how can you avoid it?)

In the previous tip, we suggested you interact with other profiles on Instagram by following new users and by liking posts. However, you have to be careful not to SPAM.

Don’t follow random profiles just so they’ll follow you back, and don’t like posts only to get more likes yourself. Everything you do to get more followers on Instagram should be done keeping the best user experience in mind.

So, don’t go interacting with people who don’t show interest in what you have to offer. Remember tip #1? Use hashtags to make sure you know who the users that really want to get your content are.

4. Consider your buyer persona

Regardless of the social networking site you use, it is necessary to take into account your buyer persona before you post. (If you still have doubts about this, read our post on How to create a Buyer Persona for your business.)

Who do you want to reach with your posts?

What kind of content attracts your potential buyers the most?

What are the topics being tackled in your niche and what still needs to be explored?

When you understand who your buyer persona is, it is easier to create posts that really catch the users’ eyes. And the more you think about the audience you want to reach, the more likely for you to get more followers on Instagram because of your posts.

5. Post at predetermined times

Instagram is a dynamic social networking site, and that’s why it is interesting to post content constantly. But besides being consistent in your publications (which will be our next tip), you can think about posting at predetermined times, according to the preferences of your buyer persona.

Tip #4 is a very important one, because you can take a lot of insights from it to learn about the best practices for your publications. When you define your buyer persona really well, you understand their consuming habits, tastes, and preferences in general.

If you have a commercial profile on Instagram, you have access to information such as days and time your followers are online. From it, you can think about the best time to post, so that your posts will appear on the news feed when you users are online!

6. Be consistent in your publications

Besides determining when your followers are online on Instagram, you need to be consistent. This consistency in your publications will be important not only to keep the followers you already have, but also to get new followers.

If you publish interesting posts constantly, the users will recognize your profile as an authority in your niche.

In the previous tip, we mentioned how Instagram is a dynamic social networking site. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to post every single day, nor to post more than once per day. Think about the time when people are online the most and show them something interesting, constantly.

You should, however, be careful not to overdo it, and end up having the followers get tired of your profile because of overposting. There isn’t an ideal number of posts. The secret is to analyze how the followers react to your posts and then decide on the perfect number of posts per day for your profile.

7. Make videos

The video format is a favorite among internet users, especially because it is so practical to the consumer. So, why not post videos on your Instagram feed?

There’s a very popular kind of post on Instagram feeds, which are videos that are up to 1 minute long. In these posts, you can talk about things that interest your persona, such as tips on your niche, and insert subtitles, so that everyone can understand every detail in your video.

And there’s also the option of creating ‘stories’, which are shorter posts that are shared and made available to users for a period of 24 hours. Instagram Stories isare a very interesting feature for you to show the day-to-day of your brand, and to make people feel like they’re interacting with you at that moment.

Another kind of video you can make on Instagram is ‘live’, which can last up to 60 minutes. They are yet another way of you to interact with your followers.

Having more than one kind of publication on your Instagram feed shows people that you really make an effort to offer excellent content in different formats, to please as many people as possible.

8. Add value to your followers

There’s no point in having many posts if they don’t add real value to your followers.

You need to post images and videos that are interesting to your audience. Understanding your buyer persona means that you are aware of what they want, and what content makes them want to learn about your business.

Having an Instagram profile that only promotes your product or service won’t take you very far. You need to show people that you understand what their needs are, and most importantly, that you want to help them find a way to solve their problems.

When you post something that really interests your target-audience, it is more likely that you will get more followers, since your focus is not merely selling, but creating quality content to your audience.

9. Promote sweepstakes and contests

You have probably seen contests and sweepstakes on Instagram profiles, right? They offer a prize if you tag friends on a specific post, share, or like an image.

Promoting contests is an excellent way to get more followers on Instagram, especially when you ask your followers to tag some friends.

When they do that, it’s very likely that the tagged friends will visit your profile, and if they like the contest, they will also tag other friends, and maybe even start following you!

This is a great way of promoting your business. It goes without saying that you should promote real contests and deliver the prize you promised!

10. Develop Partnerships

Knowing other people in your market is essential for you to develop strategic partnerships.

Of course, you don’t need to associate yourself with your direct competitors, but it may be interesting to be able to count on other people who act in the same niche.

Imagine you are a Spanish teacher. Wouldn’t it be interesting to develop a partnership with an agency that promotes trips to Spain? You will then be able to promote your lessons on the agency’s profile, and also promote their trips on your profile.

Partnerships are vital to attracting users from other Instagram profiles.

You can also use tip #9 and create contests with your partners. You and a partner can make a sweepstake to those who follow both profiles on Instagram – making this a prerequisite.

11. Promote your Instagram profile

What’s the point of having an Instagram profile filled with interesting posts, if you don’t promote it?

So, use your other social networking sites to show your followers that you also have an Instagram profile that is constantly updated. This will help you get more followers on Instagram, since some of the people who follow your Facebook page, for instance, may not know you have an Instagram profile.

More than that, talk to other people and tell your customers, friends, and family members, that you have an active Instagram profile. They may also help out in promoting your profile!

And lastly, a great way of increasing the number of followers is to your the geolocation tool (GPS). Turn on your GPS when you post something, especially if you have a physical store. When you do this, your posts will appear as suggestions to others who use GPS and post in the same area.

12. Invest in Ads to get more followers on Instagram

If you can invest in Ads, you should definitely do it!

We’re not saying you should spend a lot of money in this kind of strategy, but it is interesting to create paid ads to promote your posts even more.

Are you familiar with Native Ads?

The good thing about this kind of advertisement is that it doesn’t get in the way of the user experience on the social networking site, as it doesn’t appear in an intrusive way. (To learn more about this, read our post on What are Native Ads and how can you use them in your promotion strategy?).

When you invest in ads, you can promote your brand to other users, and that’s why this strategy will lead you to get more followers on Instagram.

13. Contact digital influencers

A digital influencer is a person that creates content on their social media to influence other people online.

Usually, they are very popular, and followed by many people who truly rely on their recommendations.

A good way of increasing the number of followers on Instagram is to contact these influencers and make a deal with them to recommend your brand.

Most of the times, what these influencers do is to agree on a fee to be paid in exchange for the recommendation.

If you have money to invest in this kind of post, you have yet another way to get more followers on Instagram.

However, you may already know someone who is a digital influencer. So, why not talk to them and ask them to promote your product or service on their profile?

Remember the hashtags? You can create one for your brand and ask the digital influencers to use it when they post about your niche.

14. Maintain a harmonious feed

The color theory was studied by many renowned philosophers and scholars, such as Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, and Isaac Newton. It states that each color brings out a certain reaction in people.

The effectiveness of this theory is still a matter of debate, and there are many scientists that question it. But the truth is, if your objective is to increase the number of followers, why not try to adapt the color theory on your Instagram feed?

Whether the theory holds true or otherwise, in the end, your feed will be more harmonious. And you can see it being applied in some very popular Instagram profiles. Socialite Kim Kardashian, for example, always uses more opaque colors (with emphasis on brown).

Instagram Kim Kardashian

Think about what kind of reaction you want from the users, or create posts that remind them of your brand. Therefore, you get a very well defined visual identity for your Instagram profile.

15. Bonus: don’t buy followers

To wrap up, our bonus tip is not about something you can do to get more followers on Instagram, but something you should really avoid doing.

We know how hard it is to have a business of your own and how promoting it is hard work. And there are many ways of spreading your content, like buying lists of followers with the profiles of many Instagram users. This may be tempting. After all, it would be much easier to have on your hands a list with many different users to follow.

However, when you buy this kind of list, the people you send your posts to may not be interested in what you are offering. So, in the end, you will only be bothering other users with your business, and they may not want to know anything about it.

And even after a while, if these people do need your product or service, as you didn’t make a good first impression on them, they look for solutions from other profiles.

So? Did you like our tips on how to get more followers on Instagram? Make sure you read our post on Precautions on social media: 9 blunders you should avoid!

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