Learn about Hotmart Club: the distance learning platform from Hotmart

Learn about Hotmart Club: the distance learning platform from Hotmart

Have you ever heard of Hotmart Club? Read this complete post about the distance learning platform for Hotmart Producers.

Recently, we’ve written a text about the main features a distance learning platform needs to offer a good experience for your students.

So, now, here’s an exercise: imagine there is a platform that gathers an intuitive learning environment, an interface that is 100% responsive, and different options to set up and sell your online course.

The good news is that you don’t need to imagine it anymore because this service already exists! This is Hotmart Club, the exclusive distance learning platform from Hotmart.

A little bit of the history of Hotmart Club

Since 2011, Hotmart has been working to offer the best experience for its Producers, Affiliates, and buyers. But it was lacking a service that made it even easier to make available and consume digital products.

To meet this need, João Pedro, CEO of the Company, decided to create a Members Area exclusive for Hotmart users.

And how would this service work?

The Members Area would be a space restricted to buyers of the product, who would enter a login and password to gain access, making the work of the Producer to manage her community easier.

The Members Area alone already represented a great improvement for the market of digital products. However, Hotmart took a step further and decided to create its own player, so that Producers could host their online courses right there, without the need to go to other video platforms.

After this initial idea, many different tests were made by the development team until the product was ready to be launched in the market, which happened on February 22, 2016.

“In the beginning, users still needed to take on what a Members Area was and how it could boost the sales of their online product. But from the moment they understood the role of this kind of product, Hotmart Club took off”, Will Siqueira, Designer and Product Owner from Hotmart Club, explains.

And he is right about the success of Hotmart Club! Despite being a recent product, Hotmart Club already has more than one million users, including Producers and students.

Main advantages of Hotmart Club

Learn more about the advantages we offer for Producers who use Hotmart Club as their distance learning platform and how you can use it to improve the experience of your online course students.

Customizable layout

One of the biggest fears entrepreneurs face when choosing their distance learning platform is that the interface of the learning environment might not reflect the identity of their products and the interests of their buyer persona.

If you are worried about this too, don’t! Hotmart Club has a customizable layout and allows you to design your members area in the colors of your brand, using your product’s logo, among other possibilities.

This way, you ensure that your buyer will immediately identify that course as yours. This contributes to increase your product’s reliability thus decreasing refund requests.


Hotmart Club has an interface that is 100% responsive both for the Producer who wants to set up her course, and for the student who wants to watch the lessons from wherever she is, on the device she chooses.

Adaptation for mobile devices has always been a priority for the Hotmart Club team because most accesses to the members area are via mobile devices, especially in the evening, when most people are coming home from work and have more time to study.

Easy to set up

Hotmart Club is not only free. It also has a very simple interface, even for people who aren’t used to new technologies.

You can do everything yourself: organize the course, define the access, and decide how much to charge for it, without needing advanced knowledge in design and coding.

Talking about organizing your course, Hotmart Members Area is unlimited to the amount of content registered, and you can order your classes the way you believe is more attractive for your students, regardless of the order you’ve posted the content.

Buyer support

Even after distance learning became popular, many students still have difficulties in accessing and interacting with the content, which directly impacts their learning process. And even if you try hard, there are many people accessing the lessons at the same time and it would be virtually impossible for you to answer everybody’s questions with quality and in a short time.

And with Hotmart Club you don’t need it. By hosting your product on our distance learning platform, you are entitled to use the buyer support service, which was awarded the certificate RA1000, from Reclame Aqui, a Brazilian website that grants excellence award seals for excellent support to companies, according to the customers’ own evaluations.

Our own payment solution

At Hotmart Club, the Producer can choose different payment methods for her online course: credit card, bank debit, subscription or bank slip payment.

But the best part is that regardless of the payment method you choose, all purchases will be automatically processed by HotPay, a payment tool exclusive for Hotmart.

With HotPay, it is possible to sell your online course for users from different parts of the world, once the tool itself converts the currency from the country the buyer is using the exchange rate of that day. Our payment method also has complete encryption for financial data, which prevents payment information provided by the buyer from being used by third parties.

It’s free!

Just like any other service offered by Hotmart, Hotmart Club is offered for free to our users. By itself, this already sets Hotmart apart from its main competitors.

Users who don’t want to use the player feature can make its content available using different video platforms, such as Vimeo and YouTube and embed them on your members area.

Hotmart Club main features

Hotmart Club is so simple to set up that you don’t need to change anything on the default interface if you don’t want to. But we’re sure our Producers are always looking for new features to get ahead of the competition, right?

If you can relate, this topic was written for you!

Here, we’ll talk a little bit more about the features on Hotmart Club that can be a competitive advantage for your product. But, pay attention, it’s important to be cautious at this stage to select only features that represent your product and add value to your students’ learning process.

Features for the Producer to set up her Members Area

Our own player

Hotmart Club’s player is a great advantage for Producers who want to make their content available in a fast and secure way. It’s fast because you won’t need to rely on other video platforms. And it’s secure because we’ve created this mechanism to prevent your content from being used by third parties. (We’ll talk about this safety measures later on in the text).

Content Dripping

Content Dripping is the same as a scheduled/segmented content. An example of content dripping is the Producer who uploads her content but leaves out some modules “locked” or hidden for up to seven days after the purchase.

This strategy can even be used as a sales pitch.

“Research shows that when the buyer accesses the learning environment and sees 50 modules available, she ends up giving up the course and even requesting a refund. By using content dripping, you can schedule your content to show within a week, others after a month, and so on, so forth, so that the person can always log back in everytime there is new content”, Will ensures.

Free registration

Another interesting feature from Hotmart Club is the free registration. By using this resource you make available part of your content for free for leads who have already shown interest in your offer. You can create an Adwords or Facebook campaign letting people know that you will release some modules of the course for people who use that link to sign up.

As soon as the person signs up, she gets an email from Hotmart Club with an access key to your Members Area. When she accesses the course, she can view all the grid available but she will only have access to the classes you’ve determined! If after watching the free videos the user decides to buy the complete course, she can do it right there in the Members Area.


The quiz is an essential tool to test your students’ progress. By quizzing your students, you know the topics that are leading to more questions in your buyers and can be more assertive in your delivery.

Attributing roles

Attributing roles is a way of assigning positions to people from your team, whenever this is the case in hand. Through this feature, you can determine the users who can run interference on your members area, without them having access to revenue information of your Hotmart account.

Currently, there are three roles available in the members area from Hotmart:

  • Manager: The user who has this role can make the same things you can on the Hotmart Club home.
  • Content Editor: It will be possible to edit texts, post videos, but she cannot perform other actions within your members area.
  • Comments moderator: The person responsible for this role approves, answers or deletes comments made on your lessons.

With Hotmart Club you can also view your members area just like it features for your buyers, thus knowing if your students are having a good experience.

Go to your product and click the menu manage > General view > access Hotmart Club > members area > view.

Features for the students

Easy Access

Access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) from Hotmart Club is thoroughly thought through, leaving no room for the student to have doubts on how to do it. As soon as the user completes the purchase, she gets two email messages: the first one confirming the payment, and the second one with her access key to the members area.

Interactive Space

At Hotmart Club, students can comment on the lessons and even chat among themselves in the comments section, which helps the individual progress of each student and boosts learning. Recently, it was launched the notification system from Hotmart Club, which sends messages to the user whenever someone interacts with your comments. This feature helps keep students engaged in the conversation.


All courses made available at Hotmart Club have the option of certification. The Producer just needs to set up the feature as soon as the content is available. This feature is interesting for the student who is taking the course as a job requirement or for people who wish to have a better resumé to get better positions in the market.

The certificate is automatically generated by the platform and can be shared on social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Security measures

Despite our Producers being familiar with the Distance Learning Education system, many are still afraid their content is copied and shared with third parties.

To discourage these practices, our player only allows that two devices are connected at the same time: the buyer can watch the lessons on the mobile while logged in the desktop, however, if a third device logs in, the first device logged is automatically disconnected.

Content posted on Hotmart Club’s player is also protected against download software, often used to download content straight from other video platforms.

It’s worth mentioning that piracy is an extremely common crime, therefore, it’s impossible to foresee all scenarios.

Next Steps for Hotmart Club

Our mission is to work every day so that more people can make a living out of their passions. With Hotmart Club it isn’t different! Recently, two new features were made available for Hotmart Club users.

The first one is a notification system similar to Facebook’s, in which student and Producer are notified every time someone comments, likes, or answers your comment. This interaction keeps buyers more engaged, decreasing the distance from face-to-face classes.

Another new feature is the upsell system, which gives the possibility to sell another course you have within the course the user has already bought.

For example, you’ve launched a course on gourmet cupcakes, but you already have another course about party planning. With the new feature, it is possible to advertise another course, right there in the members area.

Do you want to know how our distance learning platform works? Check out our website. If you have other questions, look on our FAQ for the topic or leave your comment in the comments section below.

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