Hotmart PlayBox: your first video player checkout!

Hotmart PlayBox: your first video player checkout!

Learn how to reach your potential buyers at the exact right moment and revolutionize your conversions with this innovation developed by Hotmart for the digital market!

Hello, Hotmarter, how’s it going? We have just released a major innovation that will completely transform the way you sell digital products and boost your conversions. Learn now about Hotmart PlayBox!

Research shows that we watch over 1 billion hours of video every single day worldwide! Without the shadow of a doubt, this is one of the most powerful media today, and can certainly be used to change the lives of many people.

With Hotmart Club, your exclusive Members Area, students can learn everything from you through video lessons, and with a variety of resources that turn this process into an amazing experience.

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Besides that, the checkouts available in our payment system, HotPay, offer total security and high performance to ensure that your conversions are always in constant development.

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Now, imagine what you could do if you had, at your disposal, all the benefits from these two elements to boost your sales and make your business soar!

Wait. You don’t have to imagine anymore! Hotmart PlayBox has just arrived, and it is a never-before-seen tool in the digital market, that will revolutionize the way you sell digital products!

But after all, what is Hotmart PlayBox? We’ll tell you more about it.

Innovation is a watchword in the digital universe, wouldn’t you agree? That’s why you need to explore new ways of catching the consumer’s eye and lead them to make a purchase – after all, you yourself has to keep an eye on the behavior of your potential buyers and figure out how to approach them in an intelligent way.

So we present to you a checkout that is completely integrated to a video player. In other words, a new feature that allows you to reach your buyers while they are watching your videos.

And it gets better: you get to create more directed, assertive offers to your customers, making an impact on the audience at the very moment they are most involved.

That’s not all! Take a look at some of the advantages Hotmart PlayBox brings you!

#1. You can count on a high performance checkout: you are able to sell your products in a never-before-seen way, generating more sales through the resources in the checkouts developed and tested by Hotmart.

#2. You can distribute your videos with ease: simply upload your content and organize them the best way you see fit, with total ease and security; and you can also share your videos on your pages and other channels.

#3. Unlimited storage: store as many videos as you want, without paying anything for it.

#4. Secure and trustworthy: register your videos and keep your content safe with the same protection offered by Hotmart, without copies and downloads from others.

#5. Auto resolution: you are able to improve your students’ experience even more, by automatically adapting the resolution to their connection.

#6. You can use a variety of extensions: upload your content in different extensions, including .AVI, .MP4, .MOV, and others.

#7. Easy to set up: it’s simple to set up and select the right moment to insert the checkout in your video and make your offers.

And a lot more!

And a lot more!

See how this is your new way of selling digital products and boosting your conversions? Hotmart PlayBox. Pressed play? Sold!


See you soon! :)

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