How does Hotmart work?

What exactly does Hotmart do? In this post you will learn how you can participate in Hotmart, and the different things Producers and Affiliates are able to do in our content distribution platform. Read on!

Hotmart is an online content distribution platform, where you can participate in two different ways: as a Producer of Digital Content or as an Affiliate

Hotmart is a digital learning platform specialized in digital products. It has established the leadership in its segment in Latin America having sold to more than 170 countries around the globe.

But we’re so much more than that. We’re a company whose mission statement is to enable people to increase their revenue by sharing with the world what they do best.

And how do we do this?

We tie together the three strings that compose the sale process: Producer, Affiliate, and buyer.

It looks complicated but it’s rather simple, actually.

Hotmart – what is it and how does it work?

  1. Someone who understands a topic or subject really well creates a product to share their skills with the world.
  2. Well-connected people who know how to make sales make the bridge between Producer and buyer.
  3. The buyer, who is searching for knowledge, can purchase the product on our platform, following the Affiliate’s or the Producer’s HotLink.

Understand how Hotmart works (click the thumbnail to enlarge the image):

How does Hotmart work? - infographic

In other words, Hotmart is the distance learning platform that hosts online courses and processes all the payments.

If you’re interested in working with online sales, keep on reading to understand, in details, how you can start your business. This is your opportunity to understand how our platform works!

What are digital products?

Before going with the best option between Producer and Affiliate, you need to learn what digital products are.

Digital products are, mostly, educational material produced in digital format and distributed on the Internet.

Online courses and ebooks are great examples of digital products. However, possibilities are endless.

They have become popular among entrepreneurs due to their geographic reach and especially because of the potential to scale your profits by using this business model.

But really, how does this work?

A person who lives in Japan can buy your online course now and have access to it without the need for any of you moving a finger to allow this to happen. While they access your digital product, another buyer can do this from somewhere else at the exact same time.

In short, a scalable business model is the one able to exponentially grow your revenue without escalating costs in the same measure.  

Learn more: What digital products are and how to make money with them.

Who are Producers?

Now that you already know what a digital product is, it’s time to figure out what your role is in this market.

Producers are people who wish to sell digital content online. A digital content Producer can be an independent author, blogger, teacher, or someone who is really knowledgeable about a subject and has decided to create a product to share it with the world.

Who can become a Digital Producer?

You may think this is a cliché, but anyone can become a Digital Producer. They only need to have a way to produce their material and know how to use the Internet. What makes the difference in achieving success is how driven and willing the entrepreneur is to learn about their business.

Types of digital products

Currently, at Hotmart you can market different kinds of Digital Content:

  • Ebooks in PDF or EPUB;
  • Documents of sorts (.doc, .rtf), audiobooks and music files (.mp3, .wma);
  • Video lessons;
  • Lectures and screencasts (.mpeg, .flv, .mov, .wmv);
  • Software (.exe, .msi);
  • Images;
  • Scripts; and any other file format which you can download off the Internet.

Subscription to a Members Area: private membership programs, content websites for members only, coaching clubs or any kind of product in which the buyer pays a subscription fee or receives a periodic charge to be paid. In this case, if the Producer wants, she can integrate the registration system from her website to the Hotmart Platform by hosting her online course at Hotmart Club.

Too much information, isn’t it? Don’t worry. We’ll talk about Hotmart Club later on.

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Who are Affiliates?

Unlike Producers, Affiliates are people who wish to profit by helping other people to promote their products online. By becoming an Affiliate at Hotmart, you can choose from thousands of products in our platform to promote and get paid per sale made.

There are many advantages of being an Affiliate at Hotmart:

  • You don’t need to have your own product to start making sales;
  • Because you don’t have your own product, you don’t need to deal with the buyer straight up (Producers are responsible for doing so, since they are responsible for the product);
  • Even though it is highly recommended, you don’t need to have a website to get started. You can promote the product using other strategies, such as social media;
  • Hotmart automatically processes every sales commission at the time of the sale. Therefore, you don’t run the risk of not being paid after you make a sale;
  • Our Affiliates can choose among thousands of products from different niches to become affiliated to.

If you don’t have a product, taking your first steps as an Affiliate is the easiest way to start monetizing your website or social media profile. You may also be interested in:

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Advantages in choosing Hotmart

Being a Producer or Affiliate can be extremely profitable and pleasant activities, as long as you choose the right platform to host your product or to become an Affiliate.

Hotmart is the leader in its segment today because it values the experience of everyone involved in the sales process.

With tools created to automate the publication, distribution, and payment processes, our Producers are able to focus on what really matters: developing a quality product and creating a close relationship with their clients and prospects.

Besides, with Hotmart’s help, you don’t need to hire experts to develop or set up complex systems. We make everything easier so you can worry only about the quality of your content, your work hours, and your marketing strategies.

What sets our platform apart:

  • Securely offering all infrastructure to host digital products;
  • Providing exclusive online payment solutions, HotPay, even for international payments – which we’ll tell you about later on;
  • Automated delivery of content to buyers;
  • Automatically distributing and paying commissions from promoting partners (Affiliates);
  • Making tools and reports available to manage your sales and products;
  • Offering advanced options to set up your Sales page according to your buyers’ interests.

Sell all over the world and get paid commissions in your currency

We have an exclusive payment system, as I’ve told you before. HotPay has already securely processed millions of transactions all over the world and it is the first payment system developed for digital products.

And there are countless advantages (for real!). By using it, you have the autonomy and security to sell your digital product all over the world and still get paid in your currency, without the need to use middlemen from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

When you use HotPay your buyers can purchase your product choosing from several payment options:

Credit Card

Straight away, the buyer has a huge advantage: the order and split payment into 2 cards. If buyers choose to pay in installment, there’s a 2.49% fee added to each installment, which must be of, at least, $2.5 USD.

You, as a Producer or an Affiliate, should provide credit card payment as an option and by paying in installment, you’ll receive the full amount of the purchase and the interests will be collected by the credit card operator.

Hotmart also makes it possible to pay by credit card via PayPal.

Direct Debit

You can also offer direct debit as a payment option for your clients. This is how it works: by completing an order, direct debit works as an online bank wire. In this case, the order must be paid in full.

Bank Payment Slip (where available)

That’s not all! If available in your country, you definitely know about Bank Payment Slips, which is an option Hotmart offers. The advantage is that there’s no extra fee being charged from the buyer (the amount is deposited on your HotPay account after the bank document is compensated in up to 96 business hours.)

In the face of so many payment options, you also count on numerous resources to make your product sell more and, one of them allows you not only to increase your conversions but also to provide a better experience to your buyers.

Customize your Checkout and multiply your chances of selling

No more spending money hiring programmers or designers to have your checkout page with the same visual identity of your digital product. With Checkout Builder, you count on the ideal tool to transform your payment pages and reinforce your product’s visual identity.

You can add your product’s logo, images, videos, security seals and other items that show your product is worth it, including your clients’ ratings and testimonials among many other elements to customize your checkout.

And that’s not all… You can also:

  • Create different checkouts with different elements depending on the device being used to access it if it’s a smartphone or a desktop computer;
  • Use images and videos that reinforce your buyer’s trust and sense of security;
  • Speed up your conversions by performing tests with different checkout versions.

That’s right! Your payment form will become an amazing sales tool and you won’t have to pay anything for that. It’s free and unlimited!

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself: “Do I have to pay for all these services you’re offering?”. Our answer is “No!” Hotmart is a free platform! We only charge our user 9.9% of the final price of each sale made. This means that, if you never make a sale, you’ll never need to pay anything to use our platform.

But let’s agree that this scenario doesn’t favor any of the parties involved, do you agree? That’s why we are always delivering features and content to boost our Producers and Affiliates and that help them make sales and have a stable income by doing what they really love.

This is because we intend to do everything to make your experience as our user easier and simpler. So, if you don’t know our app yet, it’s about time you download it and take your digital business with you at all times.

Hotmart Club  

Talking about resources, Hotmart Club is another unbelievable feature Hotmart offers for the Producer to make its online product available. It’s a free members area, unlimited, ready to increase your sales and deliver your content automatically. And just like all Hotmart services, there’s no registration fee, monthly payments, nor complicated integrations.

With Hotmart Club, you can register your content, organize your lessons into modules, offer supplementary material for your buyers to download and create quizzes to assess your students’ progress.

Find out a new way to deliver your digital product, learn about Hotmart Club.

But Hotmart Club doesn’t work only to deliver your content. You can multiply your sales and ensure the best learning experience for your students with three powerful tools only Club provides. Besides, they’re all 100% free. They are:

Boost your sales in the Members Area

Are you familiar with the saying “be in the right place at the right time?” That’s the feeling Club Sales provides for you and your Students. You can create special offers to students, adding ad pages on the members area while they watch the classes.

There’s no need to leave the members area or look it up anywhere else online. Which means you’ll be providing relevant content that enriches your viewer’s experience at the time they needed the most.

Besides, you also count on a group of people who already purchased your digital product and trust it, which significantly boosts the chances of selling more. Do you have any questions that your conversions can increase with this feature? :)

Do you want to know how to set up Club Sales at Hotmart Club? Click here!

Your clients can purchase with 1-click only

The second tool that drives your conversions up on Club is also known as One-Click Buy. It makes it easier for your clients to make the payment, decreasing the time users need to enter their personal information and, therefore, increasing the chances of making it to the end of the purchase.

Let me break it down for you: when your students purchased your curse, they had to register their information and select a payment method, maybe they used a credit card, for example. After they bought the course, they can purchase new content with one-click only, without the need to fill out the registration information again.

Two level-A advantages:

  • Producers can ensure Students’ loyalty by selling other products with this option;
  • A high-security level in storing and using Students’ information.

Purchase data are already safely stored at Hotmart Club and it’s just a matter of reusing it for new purchases without the need to go back to the shopping cart and filling out the registration information or having a credit card around, got it?

Organize your classes faster

The third tool within Hotmart Club is a step ahead when it comes to learners’ experience. Organizing your Students is no mystery and is an advantage you can’t miss, since you can create and segment your Students’ experience, managing students per group. By doing so, you ensure that people who are at the same level can evolve together.

Another advantage is that you can also make offers that focus on your Students’ needs – being totally flexible to change the content of the course and directing the best ad to each of your students’ profile. Cool, isn’t it?

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Learn the step-by-step to register

Now that you’ve understood the advantages of selling at Hotmart, you’re probably wondering how you can subscribe to our platform.

To help you, we made available a step-by-step below:

Take a tour of the Hotmart platform


Registering at Hotmart (Producer)

  • Login to the platform and complete your registration by filling out the Payment Information and your contact data;
  • Register your product: At this stage, you’ll provide your name, description, price, and will also decide if you’ll allow other people to promote your product for you (Affiliates’ Program);
  • Set up your sales page;
  • Publish your product;
  • After it’s published, the product will be reviewed by our editorial team. The point of this review is to check if the product and the sales page comply with Hotmart’s Policies.

After your product is approved, you’ll receive your direct payment link to add to your website and start selling your product!

Do you want to know more?

Visit our Help Center – Producer’s Guide.

Registering at Hotmart (Affiliate)

If your profile is more like an Affiliate, here’s a step-by-step to become a part of our platform:

  • Register at Hotmart;
  • Access the platform and complete your registration by providing your Payment Information and contact data;
  • Go to the tab Market and look for products that suit your personality and your audience’s. For example, if you have a travel blog, look for products related to this topic to promote;
  • When you find a product you’re interested in promoting, Click “Promote” and receive your Affiliate link for that product;
  • All set! Start promoting it.

At any moment you can view reports related to clicks on your Affiliate links, as well as track your recommendations and if you received a commission or not on your Hotmart dashboard.

Do you want more details?

Visit our Help Center – Affiliate’s Guide

Get in touch with our Support team

We welcome you to Hotmart!

We’re very happy you made the decision to become a Producer or an Affiliate and you’re finally allowing yourself to work with what you really like. If you wish to become an entrepreneur, you should know that having a success-oriented mindset is as important as the success itself.

We hope this content helps you begin your entrepreneurial journey! To learn more tips and specific strategies to promote a digital product, keep on following our exclusive content!

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