Hotmart, a platform 100% secure and trustworthy!

Hotmart, a platform 100% secure and trustworthy!

Today we are going to cover something that we take very seriously: safety. See why more than 700 thousand users trust Hotmart and use our platform in over 166 countries.

Hello, Hotmarter! How are you? Many people ask themselves: “After all, is Hotmart secure?” and we are here today to show you that our platform relies on the major security systems available, and much more, to make you totally at ease when it comes to buying digital products.

As you are well aware, more and more people are making online purchases.

Since it was founded, in 2011, Hotmart is the market leader in the distribution and sales of digital products in Latin America. Hotmart has made over 3.2 million transactions.

According to the Wall Street Journal, nowadays more than half of the sales are made online, at least in the United States. And we can safely assume that this is a global trend. And more and more people feel it is safe to make online purchases.

Since the rise of the digital market, many factors set it apart from the physical, traditional retail, from the amount of time spent shopping and easy payment methods, to the absence of lines. Moreover, we even have the possibility of purchasing a product that is half the world away.

Still, it is a fact that a considerable number of people are reluctant to shop online.

The reasons for this feeling vary immensely: the fear of having their personal data stolen, of not receiving the product, and of some kind of fraud.

But you can rest assured. Yes! Hotmart is secure, and completely trustworthy!

With all of this in mind, we from Hotmart – a pioneer platform in the sale and distribution of digital products, with over 700 thousand users all over the world and with over 70 thousand products registered – have come up with a list of reasons that will show you how serious the work we do is. We take this opportunity so that you can learn more about us and make your purchases without any worries or concerns. Check it out!

Your information under lock and key

Our platform is made up of people who, just like you, look for a service that is safe and honest. We work seriously and committedly, as we know how important it is to keep your information confidential.

We have developed a series of powerful measures that ensure that we have 100% safety so there is no possibility that the information registered on the platform is used by others.

Our privacy policy also ensures that none of the information related to the users is provided, divulged or sold to other sources, under any circumstances. So you can rest assured it is completely protected.

>> If you want to learn more about our Privacy Policy, just click here.

Learn about the first payment system developed especially for the market of digital products: HotPay

HotPay is the first payment method created especially for the purchase of digital products. It allows Producers to add special resources to their products, such as recurrent payment and 1-click purchase.

And that’s not all!

Besides being the system with the highest conversion rate in the market, completely set up according to the specific characteristics of digital products, a lot of new features complete the experience (availability according to the region, for now!):

  • 2-Card Payments;
  • Installments in each card;
  • Low risk of Chargebacks;
  • Complete integration with credit card companies, completing purchases quickly;
  • Mobile Checkout for purchases from mobile devices, and much more!

Without the shadow of a doubt, by making payments via HotPay, everyone is safer, since the transaction is made on the platform, without the need to provide personal information to other operators. Cool, isn’t it?

A platform that is 100% trustworthy

Hotmart has a base with over 700 thousand registered users and this number shows that many people in the world trust the work we do, wouldn’t you agree?

This trust is extended, from our Producers, who make their digital products available for sales, to our Affiliates and buyers.

Besides all that, we have earned the  RA1000 Certificate in the reputation ranking of ReclameAQUI, a Brazilian website that grants excellence award seals for excellent support to companies, according to the customers’ own evaluations. Which means that, besides trustworthy, Hotmart is secure and offers the best support to all our clients.

Here, security is our watchword

By using Hotmart as a purchasing platform, you can be sure you are buying a high-quality digital product and that your information is 100% safe.

So? See how Hotmart is safe? If there are any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our support HERE or access our Buyer’s Guide.

See you soon and enjoy your shopping!

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