Is it safe to use the Hotmart platform?

Is it safe to use the Hotmart platform?

Find out the truth in this article!

Hotmart is the leading platform for selling and distributing digital products in Latin America.

More than 1 million users have already signed up on the platform and are working online as Producers and Affiliates.

Moreover, Hotmart’s has already had over 5 million buyers worldwide, in more than 200 different countries.

Despite these facts, it’s quite common for entrepreneurs to still feel a little uneasy about using a platform they’re not familiar with. 

That’s why we are going to show you why you don’t need to worry and that Hotmart can be trusted. 

Let’s go?

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According to Invesp, Global online retail sales are growing steadily, as is digital buyer penetration, which reached close to 48% worldwide in 2018 . Also, the number of digital buyers is expected to reach 2.14 billion people by 2021. 

It’s safe to say people feel a lot more secure purchasing online. 

Since its birth, the digital market has separated itself from brick-and-mortar businesses in terms of saving time, ease of payment, the lack of lines, and the possibility of purchasing a product that is sometimes not even available in the country you live in. 

Even so, there is still a considerable share of the population who is somewhat afraid of shopping online. 

The reasons for this behavior are wide: fear of exposing personal data, the chances of not actually receiving the product, or even falling for scams. 

But, let’s take a minute and look at how Hotmart has a solution to all of these possible problems, allowing you to purchase with peace of mind.

Your information under lock and key

Our platform is made up of people who, like you, are looking for a service provider they can trust.

Hotmart knows how important the confidentiality of your data is and has taken a set of powerful measures so that the information registered on the platform won’t be used by third parties.

Our privacy policy also aims to ensure that none of the information related to users is provided, published, or traded with other sources under any circumstances.

Hotmart has got your back, okay?

You can request a refund for your purchase 

All products offered on the Hotmart platform are fully refundable

The warranty period is defined by each Digital Producer and may vary according to the product purchased and local legislation. The warranty can be set for 7,15, or 30 days after the purchase has been made. 

We have a customer support team ready to help you 

Did you know that if you have any questions or problems with a product purchased from Hotmart, we have an exclusive customer support team to assist you?

In addition to our FAQ with helpful answers, you can also send us a direct request.

Hotmart is dedicated to offering the best service to our users. Our customer support team is diligently at work in our offices around the world 

Rest assured, we’re ready to help you!

All the products are reviewed before being made available for sale 

Our team analyzes all digital products registered on the platform and only accepts those that are in accordance with our Terms of Use and are up to our standards.

For this reason, pirated content, illegal material that violates the privacy and image of others, content related to pedophilia or that promotes pyramid schemes, and many others are strictly prohibited.

This helps us to ensure that the product purchased will be reliable and of good quality.


Pay a percentage only when a sale is made. 

Using Hotmart is completely free! 

To register on the platform, you do not need to pay any monthly fees.

You only pay a percentage when you make a sale. This means that if you don’t sell anything, you don’t have to pay anything either.

In other words: you don’t take any risks and you won’t lose money.

>>Understand how Hotmart works.

Hotmart has an exclusive payment system 

HotPay is the first payment system created specifically for the digital product market. 

It allows Producers to add special features to their products, such as recurring payment and 1-click purchasing.

And that’s not all!

In addition to helping raise you conversion rate, as it has been fully configured according to the specific characteristics of digital product transactions, with features that make the buyer’s experience even more complete:

  • Payment with two credit cards (check out the details);
  • The option to pay in installments in several countries;
  • Low risk of chargebacks, avoiding fraud attempts for producers and buyers;
  • Full integration with credit card operators;
  • Mobile Checkout and more!

Using HotPay is secure, as the transaction happens right on the platform and you do not have to provide your personal data to other operators.

Cool, right?

You are protected from fraud 

Hotmart has exclusive tools that can identify and decline transactions when there is fraud or violations of the Terms of Use.

That way, you are much more protected.

You can also count on our customer support team 

All digital Producers can count on our customer support team to answer questions and solve problems.

All you need to do is submit a request and one of our employees will contact you to help.

Our specialists can help you sell more 

One of the great advantages of Hotmart is that we have a team of experts ready to help you sell more.

We are looking forward to sharing all our knowledge and giving you that boost your digital business needs.


Your commissions are guaranteed

Hotmart has highly effective tools to track the source of sales and identify the Affiliate responsible for them, ensuring correct commission attribution.

>>Understand how Hotlink tracking works.

You have access to a sales report 

By using the Hotmart platform, you have access to all the information related to your earnings and can monitor all your sales and statistics transparently.

>>Check out how to access the reports.

You can count on our support 

Like our Buyers and Producers, Affiliates can also count on our customer support team at any time.

>>Submit your question here.

We take your security seriously 

When using Hotmart as a Buyer, Producer, or Affiliate you can rest assured you’re purchasing a quality digital product and that we make it our priority to protect your data.

We highly recommend that you read the official documents with all the details that guarantee that Hotmart is secure. 

>> Terms of Use

>>Terms of Purchase

>> Privacy Policy

You can always count on us!

We can ensure you that Hotmart does everything in its power to keep all the operational tools and the collected data duly safe, protected, and confidential. We put great effort into preventing any external attacks and system failures that may compromise how the platform works. Although nothing in life is a 100% guarantee, that doesn’t stop us from doing everything possible to make your online experience the most secure we can.   

This article was originally posted in December 2016 and has since been updated to provide more complete, accurate information.

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