Product videos: content that can help you sell more

Videos can help your business show your audience how your products and services work in practice. Learn more about this strategy.

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Product videos have become one of the favorite formats of many businesses and entrepreneurs, especially due to the wealth of information they can convey. Many brands already invest in this content format to show – in a more attractive and dynamic way – how their products and services work.

It is necessary to understand that, overall, videos are one of the best content formats to promote a business. Proof can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and even Instagram – platforms that post videos daily and have outstanding viewing numbers, further reinforce the need to produce product videos.

Investing in this video format within your video marketing strategy is certainly one of the best ways to increase your sales.

In today’s article, we’ll help you understand this format better, and how it can help you make your business more profitable.

What are product videos?

This video format includes audiovisual content that aims to demonstrate your product’s qualities effectively.

Moreover, all of its characteristics are presented, as well as how it works and how it can be used. Check out a great example of a product video created by KitchenAid:

In the video above, the features of the Food Chopper are demonstrated in several ways. Its usability options are presented in a visually attractive way.

You just need to put yourself in your consumers’ shoes: if you were thinking about buying a food chopper and watched the video, you’d certainly be interested, wouldn’t you?

With product videos, certain issues are cleared up, such as how the product works, where you can find it, and what the advantages of using it are. Through the video, these answers create much greater interest in people, making your product easier to be sold.

As to the production of this format, most product videos have educational value. They may contain 2D and 3D animations in animated graphic design format, or with actors and people involved with the company.

Remember that these videos cannot be very long. Approximately 3 in 5 consumers spend at least 2 minutes on videos of products they are interested in buying. Therefore, if you intend to convert more, invest in a short video.

Why should I use product videos in my business?

Product videos are an alternative to help you increase your sales. Besides being a way of presenting a product or a service, they are highly self-explanatory, making it easier to understand.

And when we talk about product videos, we’re not only referring to physical products. It’s possible to innovate and be creative when it comes to this content, regardless of what your company offers.

GoFundMe’s product, for example, is an online crowdfunding platform. So, they produced a super dynamic video explaining how to raise funds using their platform:

How to Raise Money with GoFundMe

Another example is the video below, where we present and explain how our Affiliate Program works:

In less than 5 minutes, we were able to present the main advantages and features of the Hotmart Affiliate Program.

Product videos help in different business areas. Check out the advantages of investing in this type of content:

A hit on online platforms

Online platforms are your biggest allies when producing product videos. They are used to interact with people, and thus, reach new people interested in your business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for example, are online social platforms.

For companies to be successful on these platforms, besides producing their product videos, they need to promote them correctly. For example, if your business creates a video and posts it on only one channel, the number of views will be much lower than if you used the other online platforms.

Moreover, if you own an online business, you need to know that this type of video format on your page considerably increases hits on your website. While 20% of visitors read text content, the remaining 80% prefer video content. This translates into good results in all online spheres.

Plus, product videos attract people’s attention not only on social media and websites. Your success also lies in email marketing campaigns. In fact, if the subject line contains the word “video”, your email open rate can increase up to 13%.

Sales team support

Your business’ sales team, without a doubt, faces a few hurdles when negotiating with customers and almost always questions arise about what is being offered. Moreover, your company might offer something intangible, such as event planning, life insurance, or private security companies.

Then, negotiations might take a while and go nowhere. Therefore, having audiovisual material helps support your sales team. It’s something extra to offer during sales, which allows your possible customers to better understand the products.


Most of the time, texts have a hard time conveying the charisma and intention of the business. Thus, it might give off the wrong impression.

But it’s different with audiovisual content. There’s nothing better than having a good product/company interaction. Videos provide a sense of closeness and familiarity with your customers. Everything in a unique manner, whichever is your company’s profile.

Tips for a good product video

1. Clarity

Clarity of information is one of the unique features that your business can present in comparison to other similar and competing product videos. You should present a video that answers your viewers’ questions in a clear and simple manner. This will satisfy viewers, turning them into potential buyers.

The organization of what is said in the video is also of utmost importance. In other words, you need to follow a timeline of what will be presented. By doing so, you avoid any type of inconvenience to those who will watch the content.

Remember that no one wants to watch a confusing video that contains jumbled information without a clear logic. This will only make viewers lose interest in your work. Therefore, it won’t generate a good reputation for your product and company.

TV ads last 30 seconds on average, and they are quite attractive and objective, right? So, your product videos shouldn’t be too long and beat around the bush. Long videos become tiresome for your viewers, which can divert their attention from the video.

2. Content quality

Good production makes all the difference! Regardless of the type of video, giving the impression of being amateurish makes people feel insecure about your product. So, be sure to invest in the good quality of your video, even if it takes a little more time.

3. Be sincere

When presenting your product’s features, don’t hide its limitations. You need to be honest so you can ensure customer satisfaction by demonstrating what your product really is. Otherwise, your business’ reputation might be compromised and consequently, sales can drastically decrease.

Use humor and bring your product to your consumers’ reality. This will make your viewers empathize and accept your offer more easily.

With all of the advantages and tips on how product demonstration videos can help you sell more, you can’t stand on the sidelines, right?

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