8 main reasons for rejection of digital products

8 main reasons for rejection of digital products

In today’s post, we’ll tell you the 8 most frequent reasons digital products are rejected at Hotmart. Find out how to avoid making these mistakes!

Every day, there are more and more new Digital Producers on our platform! These are professionals and people from a variety of different fields who are, in one way or another, interested in publishing their ebooks, online courses, or websites.

Although many of these people are experts in their areas, some of these Producers publish low-quality materials that violate the policies of the Terms of Use, leading to a rejection of the product or even to a bad evaluation in their Blueprint.

However, with a few minor changes, the Producer, even without a vast knowledge of the use of the platform, is able to improve the evaluation of their product and avoid rejection.

You may be making one of these mistakes without realizing you’re doing so.

That’s why we have come up with a list of the main reason for rejection of digital products that can easily be corrected.

Shall we?

Why is there an Approval process for a product at Hotmart?

It’s quite obvious that, the more products available, the better for Hotmart and its community. Therefore, why have we come up with this process of curatorship that may lead to a rejection, instead of just approving all the products submitted?

The answer is simple:

As much as we want to have as many products available as possible, Hotmart prioritizes not only the experience of the Producer, but also the ones of Affiliates and Buyers.

We want to avoid at all costs that Affiliates promote a low-quality product, or one that is not suited to the policies to their customers, leading to a frustration with the purchase, with the Affiliate who referred the sale, and with Hotmart herself.

We believe that the curatorship of products helps to protect the image of our Affiliates, of the company, and also contributes to improving the experience of the buyers.

The 8 main reasons for rejection

1) Products without ownership or without rights to resell

One of the approval criteria is the confirmation that the product was truly created by the user who has published it. That’s why it is necessary that the authorship is clear in the material and that the name of the author is the same one of the user that registers it on the platform.

What if you use a pseudonym? No problem, you should just inform in one of your files that this is the case, and if it still rejected, you should contact our Support team.

Besides, if your ebook has the trade name “Speakers English School”, which is the name of your company, and on the Hotmart account you have registered this trade name, it may be approved.

Another very common case is the user selling a product for someone else, or having co-authorship. There are two ways of solving this problem: activating the co-authorship, or (if the author does not have a Hotmart account) the author to contact and prove with documents, that he or she is aware that the product is being sold by someone else.

Another common reason for rejection is plagiarism of foreign work.

It is quite common for users to get ebooks in another language, translate them into their own, and try to sell them without the proper authorization of the author of the original

Today, there are Producers that work in a model of representation of foreign authors/experts and have had their products approved without any problem, by presenting documents that prove they can do so.

But beware: some products with the rights of reselling are not permitted at Hotmart. That’s why you should always prioritize products created by you!

2) Products added to the wrong category, not added, or corrupted

Is your product an ebook? Then, when creating the product, make sure you have selected the format EBOOKS, DOCUMENTS, and also if you selected the right file for download. The same goes for the other categories. If your product is the access to a website, it should be under the category MEMBERS SITES, SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES, and so on.

Test the download and check if the file is not corrupted (there may a failure during the upload, for instance), check if all the files have been added, and if you’re not leaving anything out.

3) Not choosing the best format and extension for your product

Be extra careful with the extension you saved your product in. For example, it is not recommended that you save an ebook in a word format. This kind of document may be altered by the reader, and it is not as professional as a PDF or an Epub.

The same goes for audio and video, once using an extension that is not so common, the buyers may not have the proper software to open it on their computers. When you upload the files, make sure they are kinds that most people can open on their computers.

If the product is a program, we recommend you add the authorship in a PDF format, with the manual.

4) Products with exorbitant prices

It’s part of the approval rules that the price is adequate to the product being sold. In other words, it is ideal that the customer pays an appropriate price that matches the quality of the product being bought.

5) Products with the promise of easy money, or with explicit sexual content

Hotmart continuously encourages Producers to improve the quality of their products, and to have a respectful relationship with their buyers and Affiliates.

We believe that it is through high-level products that Producers and Affiliates will manage to attract a solid base of customers, and that the practice of purchasing digital products becomes more and more common.

That’s why, in order to protect buyers and Affiliates, the products in the business and monetization niche should present solid methodologies and knowledge base, that can actually sustain the results being presented or promises being made. We know that the effort on the part of the customer will have a direct impact on the results, and the review team is extremely strict when it comes to products that make exaggerated or unreal claims.

Products with explicit sexual content are summarily rejected when they are registered on Hotmart. Products in the Sexology and Sexuality niche, however, are allowed.

Hotmart encourages Producers to improve the quality of their products, and maintain a respectful relationship with their buyers and Affiliates.

6) Forgetting about the Sales Page

The Sales Page is where your product will be displayed for customers and Affiliates, so pay close attention to the text and layout on it! Sales pages with too many grammar or spelling mistakes, that don’t explain what the product actually is, and without the links to Hotmart checkout, are rejected.

Put some effort into the creation of your Sales Page. Besides being one of the aspects being evaluated, the Sales Page is one of the aspects that influence your conversion rate. The more care you put into it, the better the perception Affiliates and buyers will have of your product.

7) Offering services

Hotmart no longer accepts rendering of services as a digital product, as this category had a very high rate of refunds/chargebacks.

That’s why products such as website design, likes, tweets, and so on, are not accepted in the evaluation. This is a measure taken by the platform to protect the buyer, since it is not possible to evaluate the rendering of services before it takes place.

8) Using different payment platforms

Using a different payment platform besides Hotmart is against our policies. By adding a product, your Sales Page should display only the sales link from Hotmart and the payment button, as the product will only be approved if this button is on the page

This is a rule to protect your Affiliates, ensuring that every traffic they bring to the Producer’s page will entitle them to a commission in case a sale is made.

SPECIAL CASE: Products under Development and Seed Launches

Hotmart may authorize the publication of products still under development, which is very common in Seed Launches. However, it will be necessary to provide some information that ensures the credibility of the Producer to the review team, such as:

  • Demonstration of authority or credentials of the niche;
  • History of satisfied customers;
  • Social proof (for example, recommendations from other authorities and customers);
  • Description of what the complete product will be like.

Why does the review team need this kind of information?

As it is not possible to validate the completeness of this kind of product, not even the quality at the time of publication, it is necessary to get this credibility from external factors.

The process of approval exists to protect Affiliates and Buyers from having a bad experience. For example, an Affiliate might make a referral to a product that is not good, and therefore would end up with an unsatisfied customer, or a buyer might buy a product and be frustrated with the Affiliate.

Rules to adjust the blueprint score

We know that the blueprint score is something that is highly valued in our platform, and many people are curious about the process of evaluation. That’s why we have selected, for this article, the variables involved in the blueprint score of a product. If you want your product to be reevaluated or even to effectively prepare your product for approval, check out the tips below:

Making adjustments to the Sales Page

One of the main problems faced by Producers who are just starting out at Hotmart is the quality of the Sales Page. We often get incomplete, badly made Sales Pages, and some Producers send us a support ticket questioning why the product received a low blueprint score. To make matters worse, in many of these cases, the products the customers receive are also not very good.

That’s why, before publishing a product at Hotmart, you need to make your presentation with the best content possible. Use some other products with a high blueprint score as reference to develop your Sales Page.

Improving the content of the ebook or the members area of the course

The ebook or the members area is the product that will be delivered to the customer. The quality of the material will be responsible to determine if the customer will have a satisfactory experience or not. This is as important as the content itself. That’s why you need to be as professional as possible: format the ebook in a professional fashion, and if it is a members area, organize the video lessons and make the structure of your website clean and beautiful.

Keep in mind that the user experience is the most important thing of all. Good customer reviews are a good indicator that your product is doing well. We have noticed that testimonials left by customers to the Producers focus on the user experience with the ebook or the online course. Remember: presentation is of utmost importance.

Charging an exorbitant price in relation to the value being delivered

Some Producers publish products with exorbitant prices. The price of the courses has to be justified by the value it delivers to the customer. Regardless of the content, the quantity of the material being delivered makes a difference in user experience.

Keep in mind that the price of your product will be taken into account for the approval of your product, or for the blueprint score.

Using your own Sales Page

We always recommend that major Producers use their own Sales Pages, as they can be customized, with the best user experience in mind. We know that Hotmart’s internal pages still have some limitations, and we are working to make incredible internal pages, but as of now we cannot offer these resources.

That’s why you need to develop an excellent Sales Page, visually appealing and that provides a great user experience.

Avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes on your ebook or  unprofessionalism when recording your videos

We often find products with a great number of grammar and spelling mistakes, in either ebooks or video courses. Some Producers who are starting out think that simply recording a screencast video means they’re being professional and that would earn them a high blueprint score. They are wrong!

We advise these Producer to make exceptional videos, with a high video and audio quality. The customers enjoy it more, and it shows credibility, boosting the sales of your product.

Being clear to the Affiliates

Yes, the way you relate to your Affiliates and make material available for them has a direct influence on your blueprint score. The more a Producer makes content available to an Affiliate, with images, banners, and support, the bigger are the chances of achieving a maximum blueprint score.

Hotmart’s market is visible only to Affiliates and that’s why they are an integral part in the path of success of your product, that’s why making quality content available will have a direct impact on your blueprint score.

With all this information, you can create a high quality product!

If your product is rejected, you will receive an email notification with the reason for the evaluation and what measures should be taken, so check your inbox and spam folder!

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