The 7 sales techniques digital market gurus use the most

If you own a digital business you should definitely check out the top sales techniques used by experts.

Sales Techniques: a cell phone with a digital product and a dollar sign on its screen.

If you own a digital business or wish to become an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to apply the best sales techniques to win over customers and achieve financial success.

A common question among those starting an online business is how to approach potential buyers and convince them to buy your products or services.

After all, in the digital market you have no “face-to-face” contact between consumers and sellers. Because of this, traditional and offline approaches end up not having the same effectiveness.

But creating a website or an online store and expect sales to fall out of the sky as if by magic isn’t enough. And this is where sales techniques focused specifically on the internet can help you win over and convert more customers to your company.

We’ve listed the 7 sales techniques digital market gurus use the most so you can become familiar with them and put them into practice today, shall we?

1. Know thy costumer

This might seem obvious, but it’s worth remembering: The main focus of any sales process, whether physical or online, should be on the consumer.

But people are different. They have unique characteristics, wishes, needs and problems, even when they fit into your brand’s target audience.

Due to this diversity, sales approaches need to be adapted to each prospect. If you speak customers’ language, they will feel more willing to close the deal, since they’ll be sure that your company understands their needs.

One technique that can help you get to know your consumer better is to define a buyer persona. It works as you ideal customers’ profile, with their consumption habits, their pain and fears.

A persona really helps when it comes to targeting your sales pitch and negotiation techniques, achieving results that are more accurate.

2. Offer solutions for your customers’ pain

One of the greatest benefits of knowing more about your customers is being able to understand their pain and needs. With this, your brand can offer better solutions, created specifically to solve these problems.

And this is one of the best sales techniques for the digital market! After all, people prefer products and services that offer a real and truly useful solution for their needs.

In order to demonstrate that your business has precisely what consumers are looking for and need, one tip is to offer quality content to educate and nurture your leads.

Blog posts, posts on social media, ebooks and email campaigns are great inbound marketing strategies and can help you demonstrate that what you offer is truly valuable for customers.

3. Qualify your business’ leads

Another benefit of knowing your consumer well is knowing exactly when to start a commercial approach. This happens because not all leads are ready to close a deal with your brand.

Often, they are still at an early stage of their customers’ journey, without knowing yet that they have a pain that needs to be solved. Or perhaps, they are still searching for ways to solve this problem and learning more about the subject.

Knowing which leads are more likely to buy helps the company and sales team not to waste time, in addition to aligning the sales pitch and approach with the customer’s interests and needs. Thus, they increase the chances of the purchased being closed.

In this sense, lead qualification strategies are critical to know in which stage of the sales funnel they are. And as a result, you’ll be able to identify the moment in which a potential customer is prepared for the sales pitch.

4. Use mental triggers as much as you want

Mental triggers are one of the most used sales techniques both online and offline.


This technique consists of encouraging consumers purchasing decisions with a few simple tricks that emphasize the value of the product or service being offered.

Mental triggers take advantage of the fact that the human brain makes decisions automatically through signals memorized in our subconscious.

These tricks include limiting the period in which a promotion is available, using real customer testimonials and even asking market authorities for help to enhance a product’s qualities.

One example is retail stores that promote products with limited inventory, leading consumers to make purchases, since this will be their last chance.

You can introduce into your strategies several mental triggers. The most common are scarcity, authority, reasoning, novelty and social proof.

But be careful. Mental triggers aren’t an excuse to manipulate and lie. On the contrary, they serve to highlight the qualities that your product already presents.

5. Create success cases

One of the most used sales techniques nowadays, and that also helps win over customers and build loyalty are success cases.

They consist of testimonials from people who have purchased and used a product or service and how it helped them solve their problems.

This technique works as a social proof, demonstrating to your audience the true value that your brand offers on the market. Knowing that someone with a similar problem had a positive experience creates trust.

Plus, success cases also serve as a selling point, helping to convince potential customers, who might be hesitating, if closing the deal is worth it or not.

Success cases can be presented in various formats, such as text or even videos. The important thing is to use only opinions from real customers and invest in storytelling in order to convey the information in the best way possible. 

6. Don’t forget about after-sales

Don’t think that the sales process ends after your customer purchases your product or service. On the contrary, it’s just getting started!

A common mistake among entrepreneurs and small businesses is forgetting about customers after they’ve made a purchase and leaving out after-sales.

After-sales is a key step for building customer loyalty, which helps a lot in winning over new customers.

Attitudes such as asking for buyer feedback, giving discounts on new products, contacting customers on special dates and investing in a support service are also considered great sales techniques.

This is because valuing and paying attention to your consumer is critical to make them come back and do business with your brand. And that’s not all. A delighted customer might even help you promote your company, which will gain more visibility and authority.

7. Learn how to counter sales objections correctly

The life of an entrepreneur isn’t always a bed of roses. It’s common that during negotiations with a customer certain obstacles arise, which prevent the business from being closed. These are sales objections.

Among the biggest obstacles for a sale is the lack of time, indecision, unavailability or high prices.

Knowing how to get around these situations and prevent consumers from giving up on the purchase is one of the most important sales techniques.

There are many ways of turning objections into sales. But all of them include knowing your customers well, the pain they face and of course, the qualities and features of your brand’s products.

This is the time to try to show your consumer the value of your solutions and encourage the lead’s need to purchase that product or service. By doing so, you turn objections into sales much more easily.

Keep an eye on the numbers!

As we’ve seen earlier, sales techniques are great tools and putting them into practice, in addition to increasing the number of deals closed also creates authority and recognition for your brand.

The important thing is, never forget that the focus of the entire process isn’t on the product itself, but on the customers. Understanding their problems and how your company can help is the key to success.

After putting the sales techniques we’ve gathered in this article into practice, it’s important to monitor your strategy results closely. So, make sure you read our content about the 7 key sales metrics you need to analyze.