Check out the top 5 screen recorders [tried and tested by Hotmart]

Check out the top 5 screen recorders [tried and tested by Hotmart]

The top 5 screen recorders to use in your online courses and classes. Check them out!

Would you like to create a video tutorial or an online course to help your audience use your products and services? Well, you can create this type of content without a camera, and in a much more engaging manner. Just use a screen recorder and share what you are watching and doing on your computer with your audience.

But with so many different programs available online, how do you choose the best and most suitable one for your needs?

This is what you’ll learn in this post. Keep reading, and check out 5 computer screen-recording programs that have been tested and approved by Hotmart!

What is a screen recorder and how does it work?

A screen recorder is software that allows you to capture everything that is happening on your computer screen and sharing it on a video known as a screencast.

Most recorders let you choose between recording the entire computer screen or only one area or window, in addition to allowing screencasts with audio and voiceover.

Such tools are normally used to create explanatory content, such as those that teach how to carry out a specific task or how to use a specific software or service. They also help in the creation of video classes and online courses.

With a screen recorder, you can:

  • Teach other people to use a website or online service
  • Create a tutorial on how to use software, the advanced features of a certain program, etc.
  • Present a webinar or an online course on a specific subject and show the audience a slide presentation.

Why you should use a screen recorder to present your content

Have you noticed that texts aren’t always the most efficient way of giving instructions, describing a problem or sharing knowledge? It’s much easier to just show your computer screen to someone else.

But this isn’t always possible. Especially in the case of Producers who are creating an online course, a tutorial or any other distance education (DE) content. Users won’t be sitting next to you to look at your computer screen.

And this is where a screen recorder can help. With this tool, you can share what’s happening on your screen, including your mouse cursor movements.

This way, you can create explanatory content that is much more didactic and easier to understand. The audience will be watching, in practice, how to use a particular service or program.

In addition, offering useful content that delivers value will help you increase your authority. You will be seen as an expert in your market niche, increasing your audience’s confidence to close deals with you.

Top 5 screen recorders for you to download

There are hundreds of screen-recording programs you can download online. They are both free and paid, basic and more advanced. Because of this, you can easily get lost and not know which one to download.

How will you know if the program chosen has all the features you need or has a serious limitation?

Don’t worry. We’ve listed the top 5 screen recorders on the market (tried and tested by Hotmart), which you can download and use!

Check them out below:

1. CamStudio

screen recorder - A computer workspace with the CamStudio screen opened

CamStudio is one of the most popular screen capturing programs on the internet. It allows the recording of the computer’s audio and video activity and the exporting of the content in AVI or Flash (SWF) file format.

With CamStudio you can also record only a portion of the screen and even change the quality of the material. The software also provides the adding of subtitles to the videos and even the simultaneous recording of the webcam while capturing the screen.

And although it doesn’t contain integrated video editing features, the files generated are compatible with the most commonly used editors.

CamStudio is 100% free to download and is only available for Windows.

2. Free Screen Video Recorder

screen recorder - Windows workspace with the Free Screen Video Recorder working

Those looking for a fully functional, user-friendly and fast screen recorder can use the Free Screen Video Recorder, available for free for Windows computers.

The program allows the capturing of all activities on the computer, including multiple windows, objects and menus, in addition to recording videos with audio from a microphone.

All of these features are easily accessed from an intuitive menu. The software also offers an illustrated step-by-step process to help users create their screencasts.

After it is ready, the video can be saved in several formats, such as AVI, JPG, GIF or PNG.

3. IceCream Screen Recorder

screen recorder - Icecream Screen Recordem working

User friendly and available for free for Windows, Mac and Android, the IceCream Screen Recorder is a great tool for those who want to create explanatory videos, tutorials and courses through the recording of the computer screen.

The program allows the selection of a specific area or record everything displayed, including the webcam image.

Among the various IceCream Screen Recorder features are the annotation and design tools, the adding of a logo, zoom in and the upload of recordings to YouTube, Dropbox and Google Drive.

And that’s not all. You can cut video sections, change the audio and image quality and export the material in various formats.

4. Camtasia

screen recorder - Camtasia interface

With an intuitive and straightforward interface, Camtasia is a great option for those looking for a screen recorder with video editing features.

It is much easier to use. Just select the screen area to be captured, if the screencast will include the webcam, the audio source and click on “Record”.

Camtasia also includes a huge list of options, effects and filters, in addition to a media library ready to be used in the editing step.

And if you feel lost with so many possibilities, you can also access a series of tutorials. They explain all of the tool’s features in detail, in addition to providing tips on how to create videos with more quality.

Camtasia is available for Windows and Mac, and includes a free 30-day trial version. After this period, you’ll need to purchase a license, with prices starting at US$ 249.

5. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

screen recorder - OBS interface

If you have ever live streamed or done a webinar, you have probably heard of Open Broadcaster Software, also known as OBS.

Although it has no editing options, OBS has robust streaming and recording tools.

The program is also easy to use. Users have the option of creating customizable “studios”, with audio and video settings that can be used during recording.

With OBS, you can include, in the same video, several image sources, such as the main monitor, secondary monitors, webcam, a program or a specific window.

In addition, the software is integrated with several live streaming services. With a few clicks, users can broadcast in real time on websites like Facebook and YouTube.

OBS. is completely free to download and use, and has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Choose the best screen recorder

Now that you’re familiar with the best screen capturing programs, it’s time to choose the one you’ll use to create your videos.

Analyze the options carefully and choose the one that delivers the features you need and that allow you to produce the best video class or live stream for your audience.

By following our tips, you’ll be able to produce a more complete and engaging material. And don’t forget to host your videos on a secure and reliable platform.

You still don’t know how to pick one? Don’t worry. Check out our post on how to choose the best online platform to host your video class or online course.

Screen recorders are a great tool for those who are creating an online course. However, using this tool to record third-party courses and sell  them is prohibited and considered piracy. Therefore, use a screen recorder to create content that is truly yours only!

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