6 Tips to Use Your Social Media Influence to Make Money with Gabi Ferriera

Roger shares everything he’s learned with Gabi Ferreira, an Instagramer and YouTuber who has found success as an online influencer.

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For the eighth episode of Hotmart MASTERS Newscast – the YouTube series where I share what I’ve learned in the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS – I talked about the 6 tips I learned from Gabi Ferreira on how anyone can start making money using their social media influence.

In case you didn’t know yet, Hotmart MASTERS is our online, free, and global event with exclusive talks from major players in the digital market.

Today, we are going to review the main takeaways from Gabi’s talk in the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS. If you want to watch the video, just hit the play! And if you want to read the transcription of the content, keep scrolling to take a look at the 6 things you can start doing right now to make online with social media!

Who is Gabi Ferreira?

Gabi Ferreira is a Brazilian digital influencer who is a major player when talking about audience engagement. Just to give you an idea, Gabi has an Instagram handle with more than 250 thousand followers. On her Instagram, @GabiFerreiraBlog, she shares her sustainable lifestyle. 

In addition to this, she has a second account with which she talks to other influencers and brands who want to start monetizing or increase their sales through social media. She also has a YouTube channel, which already has 600 thousand subscribers.

When she started out on social media, Gabi’s only goal was to make some friends and have people she could talk about the things she liked. Then she realized that she could make money with what she was doing online, because of common interests with all of her followers. So, Gabi decided to come up with a business plan. 

What follows are the six things Gabi recommends to those who want to start making money online using their influence on social media. 

1. Start with affiliate links

The first step Gabi took and thinks you should too was to put Affiliate links on YouTube or other social media. She recommends that you use the most searched keywords when making videos and consistently publish content. To find out more about how to use keywords and SEO, check out this blog post on the topic

Let’s check out an example of how she did it in practice? In the beginning, Gabi recorded videos talking about her online store and had a video that got a lot of views. So, what did she do? She put the affiliate link with this video that already had a large audience.

2. Affiliate with what you know

But how do you know the right products to affiliate with? Gabi’s next tip is to affiliate with a course that you know or have already taken. This helps to build more confidence for you to sell it and makes the audience trust you more.

Additionally, it’s important to put the link in the video description and in the comments. So, whenever someone new sees the content, they will easily find the Affiliate link there.

This is Gabi’s definition of passive income since you just put the link in the video and leave it there.

When she saw that these first two strategies were working, she then started teaching other people to do what she was doing: working from home.

3. Be yourself

As I said to you before, Gabi already had a social media following talking about what she loves, so one thing that helped her a lot was to just be herself. When teaching, she mixed all digital marketing content with her fun livestreams, stories, and vlogs. This helped to maintain the connection and engagement she already had with the audience in a natural way. 

With experience gained in the Affiliate Market, Gabi Ferreira realized that she had already learned some important skills, such as producing content and generating engagement on social media, closing contracts with brands, creating profitable videos on YouTube, and influencing people.

Mixing her new skill with her individual style, she decided to become a digital Producer and launch an online course called Influencer Academy.

4. Tell your Hero’s Journey

In her course, Gabi used her entire story to sell her course, which is what we call the hero’s journey. A lot of people witnessed how Gabi started with nothing and grew to make good money selling courses online. That is, they saw that what she did really worked. 

When she tells this story, it doesn’t sound like something she invented. Everything is documented and people followed all this evolution. This helped create an army of fans who believe in her and what she is teaching.

5. Always put sales in context

Something very important that Gabi pointed out in this class was that whenever you are going to sell, it is necessary to have context. Don’t try to sell something completely out of context and inappropriately. This is SPAM and will only make people not want to buy your products. 


6. Know where your audience is

Finally, the last tip is to always know where your audience is. With this information, you can understand where to put your focus and take better care to focus on the social media they are using. 

In the case of Gabi, she discovered quickly that her audience was on Instagram and YouTube. So, these are her biggest channels. Find out where your audience likes to interact and focus on making these channels strong for you. And always remember: people want free content that creates value in their lives and that shows a solution to their pain.

So, did you like the strategies from Gabi on how to start making money with your social media? These tips were part of the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS, our online, global, and free event.

Do you want to keep going with this journey of improving your online business? Then sign up for free for the next edition of Hotmart MASTERS, which will take place from October 19th to 23rd, 2020!


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