How to Sell Organically on Social Media, with Vanessa de Oliveira

Roger shares everything he’s learned from the Magnetic Women, Vanessa de Oliveira, a social media mogul who makes thousands in sales every month organically.

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For the ninth episode of Hotmart MASTERS Newscast – the YouTube series where I share what I’ve learned in the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS – I talked about the tips from the Magnetic Woman, Vanessa de Oliveira. She has found a way to make thousands in sales every month organically and shared her strategy with me.

In case you didn’t know yet, Hotmart MASTERS is our online, free, and global event with exclusive talks from major players in the digital market.

Today, we are going to review the main takeaways from Vanessa’s talk in the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS. If you want to watch the video, just hit play! And if you want to read the transcription of the content, keep scrolling to take a look at the 6 things you can start doing right now to make online with social media!

It seems crazy these days to talk about selling online without spending money on ads, doesn’t it? Unlike what some folks think, this is a strategy used by a lot of people, such as the Brazilian entrepreneur and writer Vanessa de Oliveira, better known as the Magnetic Woman. 

Of course, this is not a short-term strategy. When we talk about organic traffic, it takes time and dedication to start seeing results. But as you’ll see today, this is a strategy that works. Just to give you an idea, Vanessa has sold over 10 million in online courses and has more than 50 thousand students. That’s a lot, right? Let’s take a look at what Vanessa had to say about how you can work her strategy into your own to try and get similar results. Let’s go? 

1. Build online authority

So, what do you need to do to reach this point like Vanessa? Well, the first step in selling organically is to build your authority online. A tip Vanessa gave us to gain authority is to make it clear on your social media that you know what you’re talking about. When recording a video or making a story, speak with confidence about the topic you are addressing.

2. Leadership

Another important attitude to succeed in the digital market is leadership. This is because you have to be the person who shows the way that others should follow to solve the problem or deal with their pain point. Show that you know how to solve your audience’s problems. 

One thing is certain: if you have a  solid product, are proud of what you do, and know that you can solve other people’s problems, you need to offer it proudly and with confidence. In short, this is your way to help other people. Imagine if your prospective customers end up buying from someone else and your competitor’s product doesn’t work for them? 

If you have the right solution for your audience, you need to be confident and lead. It’s no secret selling a product is just offering a solution that will solve the customer’s problem. Everyone wins!

3. Take your time and build multiple channels

Now that you understand these two points of authority and leadership, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to the hands-on part of selling organically online.

The first thing you have to understand, as I said earlier, is that organic sales take longer. Because of this, Vanessa has built multiple channels to sell on. For example, she makes some sales with her blog, others with her Stories, others on her Facebook feed, some more on the YouTube channel, and you get the idea.

Piece by piece, it adds up to lots of sales! And the more channels you have, the more independence and freedom for your business. If one channel isn’t selling well, you can focus your energy on another. 

4. Always have a CTA

So, what is the base of the method she uses? In the Vanessa de Oliveira world, everything has to pass the CTA test. That’s to say, everything she does has a CTA. Whenever she gives a tip to her audience, after that tip, she tries to make a sale.

For example, she publishes a video on YouTube and 15 minutes after it’s posted, she sends an email to her contact list with the link to her sales page, which has the YouTube video on it. Then, she shares a sequence of stories on Instagram and sends notifications to the audience on her website. This way she’s able to bring a lot of traffic to her YouTube channel that understands that her content is relevant, something the YouTube algorithm loves, and in turn, YouTube will show that content to even more people in an organic way.

It’s a smart way to work with the YouTube algorithm to your advantage, isn’t it? And every video on YouTube has a CTA for those watching to buy her product. That is, the more people watching, the greater the chances of selling and without spending anything. Additionally, Vanessa also links this video to a post on her blog and makes sure that this content is well ranked so that the video continues to sell even after it has been posted for a long time.

A tip is to take advantage of the description of your video on YouTube and the cards to put your sales link. You can do the same with your IGTV videos and social media. Just be careful because placing too many sales links on social media can decrease the delivery of content to your audience.

Main takeaways & Hotmart MASTERS

In short, Vanessa’s strategy is to have a lot of organic channels, such as a blog, social media, YouTube channel; create solid content for these channels, and make sure to put sales links on all of them. It’s an interesting strategy and worth a try, what do you think?

But this is just one way to sell online. There are several others and you have the chance to learn a lot more without leaving your home and you don’t have to pay anything!

Hotmart MASTERS is an online event and 100% free in which you can learn about the strategies of all kinds of digital entrepreneurs. It will take place between the 19th and the 23rd of October and you can guarantee your spot by using this link. Don’t miss this opportunity, okay?


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