Check out our tips to make the most of your Black Friday sales

Check out our tips to make the most of your Black Friday sales

Black Friday coming and once again looks promising. Take a look at the tips we’ve picked to get you ready for amazing sales!

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated dates on the shopping calendar. Not just for sellers, but even more so for buyers. With a worldwide reputation for big sales, the day leads us into the holiday season, making it attractive for those looking for a deal on presents for loved ones and for themselves.  

Thanks to Black Friday, November is a month that we can bank on the fact that consumers are eager to buy. Because of all this excitement, in today’s post, we are bringing you some tips, Producers or Affiliates, to take full advantage of this frenzy and sell your way into the black!   

Take a longer ride on the Black Friday sleigh 

Every year it grows greater with expectations. Black Friday has already taken the reins as one of the most important days for commerce, especially when talking about the digital market. And the numbers don’t lie: 99% of internet users know about Black Friday and 70% have already bought something on this cherished market day.* 

Want to stand out and make the sales last a little longer? Make a whole week of it! 76% of consumers look at Black Friday as more than just one day.* You see, there’s no denying this is the perfect moment to boost those digital product sales of yours! Isn’t it lovely?   

Source: Google Survey (August/2019)*

Think about what will be the best strategy to promote and capitalize the most with your digital business. Beyond being a great opportunity to heat up your sales, this time is also your chance to build your brand’s image and break the ice with new customers.    

Invest in different channels

It’s worth every penny spent when it comes time to get your promotional strategy running full speed for Black Friday: ads, emails, social networking posts, YouTube videos… No matter what your niche in the market is, you need to be where your customers and those waiting to be converted are. The more channels you utilize, the greater your chances of attracting buyers.   

Pique your audience’s appetite to keep them well engaged. Start putting things out there about how “big things are coming soon,” but don’t spoil the surprise. Feeding the anticipation by setting the table for a feast is a great strategy to make your customers hungrier. Have as many people as possible talking about what you’re about to serve!     

In the end, Black Friday has become part of the global market and you need to fight for attention.  

Revise, revise and revise yet again everything around your product 

Solid marketing strategies are fundamental for a successful Black Friday campaign. But that doesn’t mean it’s everything! It makes no sense to promote like a champ if the product isn’t well structured.   

Start with the sales page

This is where you need to clearly present everything your future buyer needs to know about the product to win them over as a customer. Make sure your page provides the answers to any possible questions that could pop up when deciding whether to buy.    

Remember to make the product’s benefits a top priority, more than the technical characteristics. It’s much more relevant to the buyer to learn how the product will meet their expectations and deliver solutions than to just talk about how it is 2 hours of 10 video classes.   

Take the chance to show off the rave reviews from previous buyers. The opinions and thoughts of those who have already been there and bought are monumental when it comes time to pull the trigger and buy.  

Spark up your Producer/Affiliate relationship

If you are a Producer who is focused on skyrocketing post-Thanksgiving sales, show a little gratitude to your Affiliates and keep them thankful too. In the end, they are the ones out there knocking on all those digital doors to promote your product. Take advantage of Hotmart Chat and send out messages via broadcast letting them know about your campaign all at once.  

Take this time to widen your Affiliate base. If you don’t operate with 1-click Affiliation, this might be the time to give it a shot. The more folks you have out there promoting your product, the more opportunities you have to make another sale. 

If you are an Affiliate, embrace the moment by finding new products to affiliate and make more commissions with. Get in touch with a Producer to answer any questions about their product and to get updated promotional materials to use during Black Friday.  

It’s important to work hand-in-hand so that communication becomes regular and you both can optimize sales. 

Offer new ways to pay 

You’ve read this far and are almost ready to start selling more than ever to jump-start this holiday season, but you only take one form of payment? 

It’s time to open up the way the cash flows in! How about making PayPal or GooglePay an option? You can attend to the buyer that really wants your product, but doesn’t like using a credit card. 

Offering the option to pay with two different cards or in installments is nice too. Think about how on Black Friday people are going to shop till they drop. This way you won’t let a sale slip through your fingers because your eager buyer has already maxed a card out on other purchases.   

Create new sales opportunities 

Raise your sales by offering products that complement a purchase at checkout. This gives your customers the chance to get products related to what they already are interested in right before they finish checking out.  

Imagine a customer about to buy your complete home workout routine. Why not offer them an ebook with 50 healthy recipes to help them recover faster? 

To make sleek moves like this, use Order Bump. This tool is fully integrated with our checkout and perfect to help you sell more to buyers who already are interested in your products

Ready to sell more? Have your customer service ready to! 

A lot of folks who buy on Black Friday have put off buying until now just to take advantage of sales. This is your chance to offer great service that goes beyond what your price-worried customers would have expected and can be strategic to win them over as loyal buyers in the future.     

However, have your service team ready, or if you work alone, be prepared for a huge wave of customer support seekers due to a large number of sales during this season. Do everything you can to provide a great experience for your buyers so they’ll be back for more even after Black Friday has come and gone.   

Now that you’re mentally psyched up for your end-of-year sales, pull up your sleeves and get ready to work! Start putting your plan into action and sell more than ever this Black Friday!  


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