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20 Video Recording apps [+BONUS TIP]

20 Video Recording apps [+BONUS TIP]

Understand the main advantages of these features.

Creating videos for the internet is one of the most efficient ways of getting your audience’s attention with content that can be easily consumed.

However, with the speed of information and news, we might need fast editing, which can be done anywhere, on the mobile phone itself.

This is one of the reasons for so many new video recording and editing apps.

In addition to this, smartphones are increasingly more adaptable and present in our everyday life.

According to Statista, it is projected that in 2019 the number of smartphone users in the world will grow to an astounding 2.5 billion.

So, why not use your smartphone to create content in video format and share it with your audience?

If this is what you’re looking for, we’ve set aside 20 video-recording apps in this post and we’re going to show their main advantages so that in the end, you can start using the one you like best.

What do I need to record and edit videos recorded on my smartphone?

Although it seems more practical to record and edit videos on your mobile device, you must always do quality work.

In addition to good editing, you need to pay attention to the lighting of your set; because no one will watch your video if it’s too dark.

Another option is to have a video-recording studio at home.

With all the control of a home studio, you will not only provide more quality to your content, but will also create a set pattern. This will help you with your content’s visual identity, not to mention that the space will always be at your disposal.

Equipment such as microphones are also very important because they will help you capture quality audio so that your audience can understand what you are saying.

For cellphones with two cameras, always prefer the one located in the back of the device since it has better quality and usually has the HD option.

And never forget good framing, using your set, lighting and of course, “your best angle”. To do so, use a tripod if necessary.

By paying attention to these details, it will be much easier to create your content and you can use apps to record without having to worry about too much editing to correct them.

The advantages of video-recording apps

Besides the benefits of being able to record and edit your videos whenever and wherever you want, there are other advantages to using apps to record, especially if you want to publish something on the fly and directly to your social media.

And this is one of the key advantages: since practically everything nowadays is connected to social media, having the facility to post as soon as possible on your social media is a huge differential.

In addition, certain video recording apps are free, unlike desktop editing programs. And even paid apps might have a better cost-benefit ratio.

Not to mention their ease of use, which is more intuitive than desktop programs, since they are adapted for smartphones.

Now that you have an overall idea of the advantages of video recording apps, let’s talk briefly about each one:

  1. Adobe Premiere Clip  (Android and iOS, free)
  2. FiLMiC Pro (Android and iOS, paid)
  3. iMovie (iOS, free)
  4. Ultrakam Pro (iOS, paid)
  5. Camera Plus Pro (iOS, paid)
  6. Cinema FV5 (Android, paid)
  7. Camera JB+ (Android, paid)
  8. Video Show  (Android and iOS, paid)
  9. Open Camera (Android, free)
  10. Windows Movie Maker (Windows phone, free)
  11. Video Turner (Windows phone, free)
  12. Viva Video (Android and iOS, free)
  13. Lapse It Pro (Android and iOS, paid)
  14. iSupr 8 (Android and iOS, paid)
  15. FxGuru (Android and iOS, free)
  16. SloPro (Android and iOS, free)
  17. VHS Camcorder (Android and iOS, paid)
  18. VideoCam Illusion (Android and iOS, free)
  19. HyperLapse (iOS, free)
  20. Boomerang (Android and iOS, free)
  21. BONUS!

For videos with more professional results

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe are widely used for image editing, videos and special effects.

Since they are fully integrated, this is the main advantage of Premiere Clip, the Adobe’s smartphone video-editing app.

If you wish to perfect your work done on your mobile device by using a computer, you can do so without difficulty in the Premiere desktop version.

Premiere Clip is free and is available for iOS and Google Play.

2. FiLMic Pro

Another high-performance smartphone app is FiLMic Pro, which has a simple interface and can be easily assimilated by the user.

You can change recording settings to better suit your purposes and save the presets.

It can record in slow motion, time-lapse and presents few bug complaints, such as locking up during its use.

The only problem with FiLMic Pro is that it’s not free. Its price on Google Play is $ 14.99. It’s also available for iOS.

3. iMovie

As you may have noticed, iMovie is Apple’s recording app. Therefore, it’s only available for iOS.

If you use an iPhone, the app is one of the most recommended app because all of its features are integrated with the other resources offered by the brand.

It also allows the creation of videos in an intuitive and simple manner.

In addition, iMovie allows you to share your videos directly to your social media and it’s free.

4. Ultrakam Pro

This is another app that is only available for iOS.

Ultrakam Pro allows users to view all recording information while capturing images in a good interface, despite being a little confusing for beginners.

A unique feature of Ultrakam Pro is that you can control it with another device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In addition to having several customization features.

It’s not free: It can be purchased at the App Store for $9.99.

5. Camera Plus pro

Camera Plus Pro is another iOS exclusive app.

Its features help users select the best settings for their videos in a practical and functional manner.

It provides gridlines so that you can stabilize your recordings better, in addition to having a time-lapse option, which allows you to speed up your recording from 0.25 to 2 seconds.

This video-recording app is offered at the App Store for $2.99.

6. Cinema FV5

Cinema FV5 allows you to create great video production with a wide range of tools available on your smartphone.

You can record in 4K Ultra HD, if your device supports this feature.

It’s only available on Google Play for $2.49.

7. Camera JB+

With an easy interface, Camera JB+ is ideal if you like practicality. Its tools are very visible on the screen.

Available only for Android devices, Camera JB+ has features ranging from the most basic to the most advanced.

Its price on Google Play is $1.99.

8. VideoShow

VideoShow allows you to integrate photos, videos, music and text easily.

Any content you include in your project is easily edited, and in the end, it can be shared directly to your social media.

One of the major advantages of this video-recording app is being free at Google Play and at the App Store.

9. Open Camera

This app is exclusive for Android devices and also offers professional features at the tip of your fingers.

In addition to being able to control your recordings remotely, you can also add voice commands, which can be quite functional if you are recording on your own.

Open Camera is offered for free at the Google Store.

10. Windows Movie Maker

This is the famous Windows video editor, which was discontinued in 2017 only for Windows Phones.

Windows Movie Maker has basic features that anyone who is familiar with the old Microsoft program can easily recognize.

But this also means that there are a few limitations, such as audio editing.

It’s free for Windows Phones.

11. Video Turner

Video Turner is a feasible option for users who use Windows on their smartphones.

Its tools are more comprehensive than Windows Movie Maker’s.

The freedom of features that the app provides to users might be a better choice for those using Windows Phones.

Its interface is cumbersome and complicated, but it’s quite intuitive.

It’s also a free recording app.

Producing videos with fun effects

12. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is one of the most recommended choices of video-recording apps for your cell phone.

It has thematic effects, making it possible to produce a short film, using either photos or the recordings you have on your device.

The VivaVideo features allow you to produce fun content that can be posted on your social media from the app.

It’s free and is available for iOS and Android.

13. Lapse It Pro

For those who like to cut a long video to a short one with a duration of a few seconds, Lapse It is the ideal app.

In addition to being able to speed up or reduce the speed of your films, users can record and perform small edits. And of course, you can post the result on your social media.

It’s available at Google Play and App Store. The paid version costs $2.99.

14. iSupr8

If you like vintage effects in your productions, iSurpr8 will be your new favorite app!

It adds textures, grains and imperfections typical of a Super 8 video – the format of older films.

Its effects create imperfections on your film, which you can configure any way you want.

Despite its somewhat complex interface, the results are great for those who wish to give their videos a classic look.

Available for Android and iOS, it costs $ 2.99.

15. FxGuru

Do you like action effects in the Hollywood style and wish to use them on your productions without much difficulty?

Use FxGuru!

The app allows you to add explosions, alien invasions, sound effects, etc. Everything you’d find in a major movie production.

This is one more option among free video recording apps. You can download it for iOS and Android.

16. SloPro

SloPro is yet another video-recording apps ideal for those who like to change the speed of their films without much difficulty.

In addition, it has the option to pause the recording and continue afterwards, without having to make two videos, which is quite helpful during editing.

And of course, you can share your videos directly from the app to your social media.

It’s available for iOS for free.

17. VHS Camcorder

Another app in which the main feature is to create a classic look for your videos, but in this case, those home movies recorded on VHS.

In addition to this feature, VHS Camcorder also provides customization options that go beyond the retro effects.

The app can be purchased at App Store and Google Play in the free and Pro versions, which costs between $1.99 (Android) and $2.99 (iOS).

18. VideoCam Illusion

The major unique feature of VideoCam Illusion is the possibility to apply the available effects in real time, i.e., while your record your video.

The effects are varied, such as pencil effect and frames.

The app is free and available for Android and iOS.

19. HyperLapse

HyperLapse on the other hand, is an Instagram app that allows time-lapse videos compatible with this social network.

If you have a profile and want to create good content for it, this app is an excellent choice.

You can change the video speed by up to 12x.

Despite being an Instagram feature, you don’t need to use your account to access it. Just download and save your videos on your smartphone.

It’s only free for iOS.

20. Boomerang

Besides all of the previous video recording apps, it’s also interesting to focus on features of well-known social media channels.

Boomerang is a popular Instagram feature.

Nowadays, you can create video loops on your own social network account by accessing your Stories area.

But, if you don’t have an account or don’t wish to access it to create a boomerang, you can download the app for free at Google play or App Store.

It’s free!

BONUS: Sparkle!

Sparkle is definitely worth checking out! Besides the several video recording apps mentioned here, Sparkle is an amazing option where you can share content of any type of format.

With it, you can post videos with a duration of up to 3 minutes, and if you wish to pause them and continue later or at another place, you can do so without editing.

In addition, unlike other social media, with Sparkle your content is delivered to 100% of your audience, since the app doesn’t use algorithms.

You can also integrate your YouTube channel and blog in WordPress so that your followers can follow what you’re doing on all of your communication channels.

Always record your videos!

Now that you’ve had access to this selection of video recording apps, it will be easier to see that it’s possible to create your own audiovisual content without much difficulty.

Despite this, always remember to have equipment at hand to help you obtain a better quality of material, such as microphones and even tripods, which will lead to incredible results.

The 7 key points of attention when recording your videos are:

  1. Pay attention to the lighting;
  2. Create a nice setup;
  3. Use a microphone;
  4. Use a mobile phone tripod;
  5. Give preference to the rear camera;
  6. Record in HD if you have this feature;
  7. Pay attention to your framing.

After this and choosing the video recording apps that suit your needs, all you need is to do is perform a quick edit to make your content even better and publish it to your audience.

Let us know how it goes! :)

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