What Inbound Marketing is and how it’s going to generate many leads to your business

Do you know what Inbound Marketing is, and what it can do for you business? Learn everything about it right now!

Inbound Marketing

One of the main difficulties faced by those who are just starting out as digital entrepreneurs is to generate high-quality traffic to a website or a blog, taking the product to new customers.

But how can you attract people who have never heard of your business and turn them into customers?

Inbound Marketing is the answer to the question above. This technique is a twist in traditional marketing, as it proposes that, instead of brands “pushing” their products to the customers, they should in fact be taken to the brand in a spontaneous way, motivated by relevant content.

In other words, Inbound Marketing is a way of getting the attention of the market by using high-quality content that is aligned with your sales strategy.

Advantages of using Inbound Marketing

By making use of Inbound Marketing, you have a series of advantages. The first of them comes in the way your customers see your brand.

When you offer content to them, the material that your product is wrapped in has a much bigger chance of being shared, and thus, reaching a bigger audience. That’s why businesses that invest in blogs spend, in average, 62% less in order to generate a lead.

How does Inbound Marketing work?

According to Hubspot, one of the biggest companies in the segment, Inbound Marketing involves:

  • Creating shareable, specific content;
  • Delivering content in stages, so that for each new material, the customer takes an action according to what has been planned;
  • Personalizing content – the longer the customer interacts with your brand, the more the material needs to be unique;
  • Integrating communication – to reach your customers, it is important that you plan the right material, on the right channel, at the right time.

Inbound Marketing step-by-step

Attracting customers to your website and turning them into customers through Inbound Marketing is a simple process. However, it requires a lot of effort and dedication to create content that is really interesting to the market.


Attracting people to your communication channels is the first step in generating new sales. The main tools to attract customers are the ones that involve content creation, such as blogs and social media.

Get closer

Get closer to the audience you have won over in the first step by sending email, taking them to Landing Pages, and providing exclusive content.

Make offers

After you have got closer, you are free to offer your product. Be very careful not to stress out your audience with too many offers or spoiling it by providing a lot of content without asking for anything in return.

Use the Pareto Principle: 80% of content and 20% of adverts, OK?

Maintain your audience

It’s much easier to make a customer who has already bought from you make a new purchase than converting a new customer.

That’s why, even after you have made sales, you have to keep providing your audience with relevant content. It will be key for your next sales.

Inbound marketing process infographic


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