Work while traveling: mixing work and pleasure

Work while traveling: mixing work and pleasure

Tips for those who wish to combine work and pleasure.

It is increasingly common to come across stories of people who, by a decision of the company or their own, have left their hometowns and invested in careers that allow them to generate income while they travel the world.

On Google alone, there are approximately 495 thousand pages that address this subject.

With so many success stories, many people are starting to think about quitting their jobs to work on their own, without a permanent residence.

But before you do this, it is important to know the pros and cons of this lifestyle.

Do you want to know how to plan to become a digital nomad? Keep reading our post to find out.

How to plan for working while traveling

Nowadays, many jobs allow professionals to work wherever they are, as long as they have access to the internet and technology.

Planning to work while traveling, however, depends on the type of service you perform and your personal and professional goals and priorities.

Below, we’ll talk about 2 profiles of those who work while traveling and we’ll show you how you can prepare for these business trips.

1. Company transfer

For professionals who have the chance to be transferred to other countries, states or cities by their company for example, it is necessary to master two or more languages.

These professionals will also need to have a good interpersonal relationship and a deep knowledge of the company’s business to ensure that quality parameters will be maintained anywhere in the world.

In cases of transfer by the company, it is common for employees to know in advance which are the possible places where they might go and what are the requirements that must be met before being transferred, which facilitates planning.

Another positive aspect of this type of change is that, because it is a transfer requested by the company, professionals can count on the help of other departments to solve the bureaucratic part. Most companies also help pay for housing and travel costs to visit family and friends on scheduled dates.

2. Freelance or remote work

For a freelancer or someone who works remotely, the choice of destinations can be based on personal preferences. Considering the flexibility that these professionals have, it is possible to travel to different locations without it affecting the work.

You should concern yourself with the following:

  • Finding out about each country’s laws before moving;
  • Arrange for your stay beforehand;
  • Check and prepare the necessary documentation;
  • Provide the means to receive the payments for your services;
  • Be financially prepared.

We will talk in detail about a few topics.

Make a financial plan

Before you start traveling, you need to save a satisfactory amount of money to live on during the first few months. It is also important to cultivate a recurring customer base, which can help support yourself during the toughest months.

Study the laws of each country

It is also important to research the immigration laws of each country to ensure that you won’t have any problems during your stay.

Every country has its own particularities, so it will be necessary to go to the embassy websites to check which documents are required.

Take the time you need during this step, don’t be in a hurry!

Prepare your family

Professionals who have very strong family ties usually have more difficulty working while traveling. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared (and prepare them too!) so that the time you’ll be away is less painful.

Make time before your trip to spend with your family and visit people you like, but haven’t seen in a while.

Whenever you feel lonely, always remember that there are video calls, email and other technologies that help you overcome your homesickness.

Study the place to where you are traveling

After you’ve selected a list of possible destinations, it’s time to carefully study the cultural habits and routine of the selected cities and countries.

Also make sure that the chosen place offers the structure you need to pursue your profession. If it is a very remote area, for example, internet access might be limited, which directly impacts the delivery of your services.

9 professions that enable you to work while traveling

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are both remote and face-to-face jobs that offer greater geographic freedom for professionals.

Some of them are simple because they are in the home-office format, in other words, the office can be at home, and your home can be anywhere in the world.

Other professions however, require the presence of professionals to carry out the activities, but because they are a result of temporary and outsourcing hiring, they are also possibilities for those who wish to work while traveling.

Here are a few examples:

1. Bartender or waiter

As a bartender, you can find opportunities in various bars, restaurants and pubs around the world, and work temporarily at the chosen locations.

This way, you learn about new cultures, many different people and get paid for your work, besides being able to count on the extra money from tips.

But don’t forget that because it is a job that requires direct contact with the public, mastery of the language is essential.

2. Au pair

For those interested in visiting a foreign language country and that know how to deal with children, this may be a good choice.

Au pair exchange programs provides a place to stay, meals and remuneration to exchange students, who in turn are responsible for all care related to the children of the selected family.

By living together with a family throughout the program, it is possible to immerse yourself in the local culture and customs, which makes the experience extremely rich for participants.

3. Copywriter

For professionals who work in the area of writing texts and wish to work while traveling, taking on projects as a freelancer allows them to generate content from anywhere in the world, depending only on computer and Internet access, and a well-organized schedule to handle the delivery deadlines.

For those who require creativity and inspiration to write, there is nothing better than being in places where you would usually spend your vacation, right?

4. Photographer

For those who are skilled with a camera or want to start a career in the field, exploring other cultures and realities may not only be a good idea, but also a great source of amazing images.

5. Designer

Those who have knowledge and experience in design find several opportunities to work as a freelancer, which makes it easier for the work to be done and delivered without the need of being in a fixed location.

6. Digital influencer

The digital influencer profession depends on the creation of content that adds value for users and to do so, few instruments are used. With a computer, mobile phone and internet access, you can research, create and produce content regardless of where you are living.

7. Blogger

Just like digital influencers, bloggers can work on their page from anywhere in the world, without being attached to an office, city, state or country. You can even use your experience in other places to help you create unique content.

8. Language teacher

When you travel to a foreign country, you can start teaching your native language to those who are interested, which can be done both in a classroom and through online classes .

In addition, it isn’t necessary to be attached to the country where you are!

Since we are talking about online classes, there are no boundaries that prevent you from reaching students in different countries and teach your classes while you travel to the places you want.

9. Consultant

If you master a certain specific subject and feel prepared to help others develop in this regard, working as a consultant may be the right decision for those who wish to leave the office and work while traveling.

The sessions can be held online or, if you are fluent in English, you can also invest on classroom courses and lectures.

Websites for those who wish to work while traveling

With the expressive number of people interested in working while traveling, there are currently several sites and projects, both free and paid, that link those who are interested in making a change in their professional life to opportunities that exist around the world.

On these websites, you find which institutions or companies need a particular service and what will be offered in exchange, such as a place to stay, meals or some form of financial aid.

For those whom need a little help to finally quit a job they don’t like, a boring routine or simply to realize the dream of learning about other cultures while working, below are a few websites:

AuPair World

This site is merely one of those that exist with the intention of connecting those interested in working as an au pair to the open positions.

If you have identified with the profile that we presented previously, you will find further detailed information about prices, places that work with au pair programs and other information about this type of work.


With AIESEC , you have access to three different programs (entrepreneur, talent and volunteer) that allow you to acquire and develop specific skills and knowledge.

In the Global Entrepreneur program, the openings are for internships in startups, with the intention of developing entrepreneurial leaders. In the Global Talent program, it is possible to experience the reality of an international company, increase your networking and enrich your resume.

There is also the possibility of being a Global Volunteer and carrying out projects in NGOs, which allows you to experience diverse cultures and positively impact the world.


The Workaway website gathers opportunities for those interested in cultural exchange and, in exchange for services performed throughout the day, have a place to stay and meals. There are options at farms, hostels, family homes, schools, social projects, among others.

There are also a few other websites whose purpose resembles Workaway’s, such as: Worldpackers, WWOOF and HelpX.

For those interested in remote work, there are specific websites for this audience, where openings available for people in various locations are gathered. The following are a few options: Workana, Working Nomads, Skip the Drive, and We Work Remotely.

Pros and cons of working while traveling

Don’t think that everything is perfect in the life of those who want to work while traveling!

Believing that you need all the information you need to make a good decision, we have also listed the cons for those who choose not to have a fixed residence.


–    Loneliness

At least in the beginning, it’s common to feel a little lonely, since friends and family were behind and you still haven’t had time to create a new circle of friends. However, texting, video chats, and social media can help ease homesickness and loneliness.

You can also work in cafes and co-working spaces to soften the feeling of being always lonely, without this interfering with the accomplishment of your tasks.

–    Cultural shock

Especially when the chosen places have very different cultures from ours, a certain alienation may occur regarding certain customs and habits. Issues such as local cuisine, clothing, laws and ways of relating vary greatly from country to country. So it’s important to do a lot of research before you move or decide to spend a period in new places.

–    Adapting to the climate

Those who live in Brazil may be accustomed to the heat and little climatic variation between the seasons. However, depending on the country where you are, changes between the times of the year may surprise you. The cold tends to bother those who are unaccustomed and there is also the possibility of phenomena such as snow, earthquakes and hurricanes. But remember these are aspects to which you adapt over time and with the right preparation.

–    Restarting your career

With the exception of cases where professionals have been transferred by their companies or have been able to work remotely in the area in which they previously worked, many people choose to start a new career, and this may be the greatest difficulty. After all, everything that is new causes a certain difficulty in the beginning, mainly because we have to reorganize our entire routine due to the new reality.


–    Having a more flexible and freer routine

One of the greatest advantages of traveling is the possibility of having a more flexible routine, which allows workdays to be defined by professionals and that the work is carried out wherever he/she thinks is best, without the formalities and rules of a corporate environment.

–    Learning new languages

In a world where professionals who master other languages are becoming increasingly more valued, working while traveling offers the chance not only to learn native languages, but also to become fluent thanks to the everyday conversation experience.

–    Acquiring professional experience

For your resume, an international experience can be very valuable since, when you choose to work while traveling, there are great chances of developing resilience, teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

In addition, getting to know new work environments and ways of working adds value and makes professionals more apt and prepared for new challenges.

–    Learning about other cultures

We mentioned earlier that encountering a new culture might create culture shock, since we are talking about a whole new set of habits.

However, getting to know another culture usually provides more benefits than harm, especially if the experience is viewed with an interested and unbiased view.

The world is your oyster

If you got this far, you have noticed that the world is for all those who want it and dedicate themselves. Just decide on what path you will take, plan and hit the road!

We hope this content has helped you! And if you’re looking for ideas for work while traveling, check out our post with 30 business ideas so you can become your own boss.

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