What is buzz marketing and how to get people talking about you

Understand the differences between this concept and viral marketing, and find out how to use it in your strategy.

Buzz marketing: a megaphone in the center of the image representing a business’ advertising. To the left, there’s a man; and to the right, a woman, both are holding cell phones representing the audience talking about a company.

Have you noticed that every now and then, all of the sudden people seem to be talking about the same subject? It seems like we can’t avoid such comments around the water cooler at work, at the gym or during happy hour, in WhatsApp groups or at checkout lines at the supermarket…

What you probably haven’t considered is that companies can create this type of reaction in the market, becoming better known by consumers by using buzz marketing strategies.

But what does this concept mean? Is it beneficial for a business? What can a company do in order to become a buzzword, draw attention to its products, create brand awareness and increase sales? Read on for the answer!

What is buzz marketing?

First and foremost, a buzzword is a word or phrase that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context. It can also be defined as a “fact that creates a stimulus or excitement”.

Therefore, buzz marketing is the strategy that creates the motivation for people to comment on a brand, service or product. 

The main goals are to create a buzz in the market to make consumers pay attention to the company and create engagement with the target audience.

However, buzz marketing is different from viral marketing. 

Buzz marketing has the goal of generating comments about the brand or product, give people a reason to talk about the subject or the campaign itself. It works as word of mouth and is completely focused on dialogue.

Viral marketing, on the other hand, has a different purpose. It’s intended to create content that makes it irresistible for people to actually control their urge to share it with others. Therefore, the audience doesn’t necessarily talk about the subject, but the action is considered successful when these people share the message incessantly, i.e., it goes viral.

What does buzz marketing focus on?

Buzz marketing focuses on attracting two specific types of consumers: 

  1. Pioneers
  2. Early adopters. 

These two groups are usually willing to try out the innovations launched on the market. Therefore, if a company creates this buzz and captures the attention of these two groups, they might become the first customers of the brand or the launched product.

If the brand is able to please these customers, it can start climbing towards being successful. After all, these consumers will start talking about the brand to others who, in turn, will also talk about the product to their contacts, thus expanding the business’ reach.

What are the benefits of buzz marketing?

Would you like to know how a business could benefit from buzz marketing? Check out the advantages of this strategy!

Low investment

Although an initial investment is required, when the business finally creates a buzz, the comments will grow naturally. 

People will talk about the company’s brand or specific action for free, generating a spectacular return.

In addition, by combining creativity and good planning, you can obtain this buzz from simple and inexpensive actions. Thus, you capture the attention of a huge audience, but with a low investment.

This more “extravagant” contact can generate leads that, with your next digital marketing actions (automated emails, the offer of rich material, etc.) will be converted into customers.


Always remember the golden rule of marketing: Consumers believe other consumers.

Because comments are provided by the customers and users of the products and services, their testimonials have an enormous influence in piquing the audience’s interest or making them believe that trying your offer is worthwhile.

In addition, do you remember to which audience buzz marketing is targeted? As we mentioned earlier, pioneers and early adopters. 

Since they always keep a finger on the pulse of innovation, the segment’s audience usually know these people and know that they are used to testing new products and affirming if they do in fact, deliver what they promise. This recommendation is practically viewed as a stamp of approval.

Great reach

Buzz marketing works like an avalanche: An initial group talks about your product or action with their contacts.

These people share the content with their friends who in turn, don’t want to be left out of the trend and will forward the information. This way, your reach increases and soon, many people will be familiar with the subject and use it as the topic for their comments.

How to implement buzz marketing strategies

Would you like to know how to create buzz marketing and call the audience’s attention to your business? Check out our tips to nail your strategy!

Use the buzz buttons

Buzz buttons are like triggers that make people pay attention to something. 

Have you seen those topics that pique people’s curiosity, making them feel that they need to see it and can’t move on without checking it out? That’s what we’re talking about!

According to advertising executive Mark Hughes, who observed this phenomenon and published a book on the subject, six topics trigger the buzz button: 

  1. The taboo, 
  2. The unusual, 
  3. The remarkable, 
  4. The outrageous, 
  5. The hilarious, 
  6. The secret. 

Appealing to them creates a great chance of capturing the audience’s attention.

There’s no use in getting people’s attention with the buzz buttons if, after responding to this call, they become disappointed with your offer.

You audience has to think, “Wow!” after responding to your invitation, either by clicking on a link or by purchasing a product. 

It’s important that people find something awesome that will exceed their expectations.

Create mystery

Communication with the audience can provide insight about the product or company, but always with the goal of making people curious. Don’t give it away for free. Make your audience come up with theories related to your next action or launch.

And speaking of launches, buzz marketing works just like movie studios do with certain movies. 

Have you noticed how Marvel, for example, gradually releases a few teasers and spoilers? Some even look like they’re leaks given by the actors during interviews, don’t they?

This tactic of providing a few hints about what will happen drives fans crazy. 

And what do they do? 

They speculate about the movies’ plot, the characters, the possible connections between the scenes, and so forth. In other words, before the movie is released, a buzz is created about it!

What precautions should be taken in order to use buzz marketing?

Although it’s a great strategy, precautions should also be taken when using buzz marketing. 

Be very careful when using certain strategies to pique people’s curiosity and that might be considered misleading!

After all, the goal here is to create a positive impact regarding the brand, and not the other way around.

Although buzz marketing is naturally controversial and provocative, being careful not to offend groups is also essential. 

A joke that might seem innocent for whoever created it might be viewed by the audience in a completely different way that it was intended, create embarrassment and damage the brand’s image.

Therefore, always think about what can be valuable for your audience and invest in more than one strategy. And to help you, we’ve listed 11 marketing strategies you can use to attract your audience.

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