Create new strategies to organize, promote and make your digital products stand out

With Hotmart Space, you'll get an exclusive link to your new sales channel.

As the owner of an online business, you know how hard it can be to organize, promote, draw attention, and even create strategies for a bunch of products at the same time, right?

To makes things easier for you and your buyers, broaden the possibilities of repeat purchases, and even have a personalized link to promote all your products in one place, Hotmart’s created Space!

Want to learn more about this new, completely free solution and get the best tips to create new strategies for your online business? So, stick with me, and I’ll tell you all about it!

A Space for new strategies

Hotmart Space is a new solution developed for you to organize and distribute your products in one place. With this solution, you can make your products stand out, build segmentation strategies, a value ladder, and much more.

In addition, with Hotmart Space, your online business gets a new sales channel with a personalized link. This way, you can advertise the link on your social media, through email, or wherever else your strategy may take you.

For example, if your business is called Life Fitness, you can create a link using this name so that your potential buyers can associate that address with the content you create. It’s up to your creativity!

Ah, and there’s one important detail: because your address is unique, this means that, after you create it, it won’t be available for any other users of the Hotmart platform. So, if you join early, you can guarantee the link the best fits your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

More Space for your sales

Hotmart Space also has a new feature that can (definitely!) help you boost your sales: it’s called ‘featured products.’

With this solution, you can choose which products will be visible in your Space, and you can also create groups for them.

Just imagine how many strategies you can dream up with this feature! Let’s suppose you have several language courses. You can create a strategy and organize them in levels, such as basic, intermediate, advanced… Or even define a niche: English for children, English for business, English for travel. The possibilities are endless! And you can change it whenever you want.

Come and get your Space!

Now that you know more about Hotmart Space and what it can do for your online business, it’s time to create yours.

To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Hotmart account
  2. In the left side menu, click on Products
  3. Then click on Space

Done! Now you can personalize the name, description, and image of your Space. Just fill in the fields and choose the products to be displayed. By clicking ‘save,’ you’ll define your custom link. Remember that once you create it, you won’t be able to change it afterward. But you can change all other Space information as many times as you want.

See you next time!