How Hotmart’s solutions ensure Affiliate commission tracking

How Hotmart’s solutions ensure Affiliate commission tracking

Learn more about the best practices for safe Affiliate-commission tracking, even when browsers are updated.

Hotmart offers many solutions so that Producers and Affiliates can bring more intelligence to their strategies and, consequently, scale the digital business. All the tools on the platform undergo constant updates so that they evolve and can better fit what users and the market need.

One of them is related to cookie tracking. Those who use the Affiliate Program know that this is the main way to safely track Affiliate commissions..

For this reason, Hotmart users can count on HotLinks, a unique link automatically generated by the platform, capable of associating the interaction of potential buyers with the pages promoted by Affiliates.

Recent updates to browser policies (Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, for example) regarding the registration of cookies from third party websites do not interfere with the use of HotLinks. We’ll explain all you need to know below.

Through the promotion of HotLinks, the cookie installed by Hotmart in the browser isn’t considered from a third party system, as it is registered while the potential buyer is still on our own page, in the “go.hotmart” domain, and then is redirected to the Producer’s sales page.

Therefore, alternative strategies used by Affiliates that capture leads on third-party pages, for example, continue to work, thanks to the recent developments made to the parameter of our cookie, with these types of strategies in mind.

Even considering our security standards related to HotLinks and constant updates, our team remains attentive to future browser updates and is fully committed to evolving its resources as needed.

With that in mind, it’s essential that you know and use the various resources available on the platform to ensure the tracking of Affiliate commissions and, consequently, its accurate attribution. To help you out, I’ve made a list of best practices when using Hotmart solutions.

How to ensure sales commission tracking

The Hotmart Affiliate Program has many features that help automate day-to-day processes and ensure that the Affiliate receives the commission for the sale made. By using these solutions, your business generates better tracking of commissions and intelligence for your strategy.


The first step is to use HotLinks, which I mentioned above. And so that you understand the details of commission attribution, know that there are three models, which are:

  • Last Click: attributes the commission to the Affiliate who last recommended the product before the purchase, that is, the last HotLink the customer clicked on.
  • First Click: attributes the commission to the Affiliate who took the customer to the Producer’s page for the first time. That way, if the buyer returns via another HotLink from another affiliate, the second affiliate will not receive a commission for the sale.
  • Multi click: the commission for a sale can be divided among Affiliates, when the same buyer clicked on more than one Affiliate HotLink. Thus, the commission is divided between the first and the last Affiliate who promoted the product using their HotLinks.


In addition to the HotLink strategy, you can count on HotLeads, which works independently from cookies. This is a solution that provides even more security in the attribution of commissions, associating the data collected from the lead on a capture page to the Affiliate.

In addition, HotLeads brings data such as country of origin of leads, device, browser, UTM code, and more. All information can be found in the Leads and Affiliates reports and in Hotmart Analytics on the platform itself.

If you are an Affiliate and want to make sure you’ll get a commission for a lead you captured, look for products on the market with a HotLeads banner.

To use HotLeads, you need to integrate it with your email marketing provider. In this link, you will find the steps on how to set up HotLeads.

Note: the use of HotLeads doesn’t substitute the use of HotLinks.

Global Affiliation

Another Hotmart resource is Global Affiliation. With it, it is possible to attribute commissions even when the buyer doesn’t purchase the first product promoted by the Affiliate. For example, if the Affiliate promotes a product with HotLink and the buyer ends up purchasing another product from the same Producer, the commission is still attributed.

Sales history

You can use commission tracking by sales history, where sales can be associated when the Affiliate code is not identified.

Let’s say a buyer purchases a product using the Producer’s HotLink and there is no record of Affiliate participation in the sale. Then, Hotmart can verify if the customer had any attempted purchase with a canceled, initiated, or completed status. If there is a new attempt and the cookie is still valid, the buyer is associated with the Affiliate.

Affiliate Coupon

Additionally, you can create coupons and distribute them according to your strategies.

Those who use the Affiliate Program can register an exclusive coupon for an Affiliate so that they can promote it to their audience. That way, if they make a sale, the commission will be attributed correctly.

See the steps on how to enable a coupon

I hope this article will help you further your Affiliate Program, making it more strategic and secure for Affiliates. And, if you are an Affiliate, now you know everything that Producers can do to securely determine how their commission payments will be made.

See you next time!

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