How to create sales pages your buyers will love

How to create sales pages your buyers will love

Having a good page to expose your products can bring significant results to our business. Learn more about it!

People who work with online sales are always looking for the best alternatives to promote their products. So, it’s likely you’ve heard about ‘sales pages’.

But do you know what a sales page is? What do you need to create a page your buyers will love? What do you need to avoid?

Keep on reading to find out the answers to all these questions!

What is a sales page?

A sales page is a web page where you present a product, its benefits, characteristics and other arguments to convince the visitor to make the purchase. If this person is interested, she will be led to a checkout page, where she can then select a payment method a provide her payment information.

It’s important to make it clear that, despite carrying the word “sales”, the transaction isn’t complete on the sales page per se, and the product is also not made available there.

How to create your sales page

The answer to this question depends on how you make your product available. If you work with online courses, you can sell them through online platforms such as Hotmart. In this case, your sales page is generated automatically, you’ll only have the work of filling out information about your product.

sales page

The same happens for people who own an e-commerce, the platform itself generates a sale page for each product available for sale on the virtual shop.

eba´s sales page

(example of an e-commerce sales page)

But if you don’t fit into any of the categories above, you can create your sales page from scratch. To do so, you have three options:

  • Create the page yourself, if you have knowledge on design and coding;
  • Hire a developer to create your sales page;
  • Use tools that help create landing pages.

Are you familiar with coding? Feel free to skip to the next topic.

Do you already know how to use basic Internet tools, but you’re no pro in the subject? So, we suggest you use a software to create landing pages. This way, you save the money you would spend with coding professionals and designers and use it to invest in other areas of your business, such as ads.

It’s worth mentioning that we’re not saying you should dump the help of a professional, but it’s interesting to know that, if you have no money to invest at the moment, you can create your own sales page by yourself.

There are good options in the market with this purpose, offering both free and paid services. Learn more about a few of them by reading our post Tools to create your landing page without any knowledge in coding.

How to create a sales page your buyers will love

For a long time, the sales page was basically a white screen with a video player and a call-to-action button.

Even though studies attest to the good development of this kind of page, it’s important to remember that many page, such as Facebook, Google, and others, advice the entrepreneur to promote pages which offer more content and more solutions to the buyer.

This means the sales page that has only a video can work for an email list or on your blog, because these people already “know” you. However, when using other channels, choose more complete pages that provide the buyer with more information.

How can you do that?

Provide accurate information

A good sales page is the one that answers all your client’s questions and objections: why should I buy this product? Or even, is it safe to buy this product? Make it clear in the introduction the benefits you offer and the results the buyer can get from your product.

A mistake many entrepreneurs make is to focus on the product’s characteristics. Nobody wants to buy a course that has 20 video lessons which are an hour and a half long. People are interested in buying an online course on maternity, which helps dealing with newborn babies, for example.

In the case of online courses, there’s one more thing: many buyers still don’t understand the product is made available only through the Internet. So, make sure to make this information clear and use images and texts that help materialize your product and make it accessible for the buyer.

Choose the best payment method possible

The more payment methods you offer, the higher the chances of people buying your product.

No Brasil, a maioria das pessoas faz compras online com o cartão de crédito, mas você também pode adicionar opções como boleto bancário ou paypal para atender os consumidores que não possuem um bom limite de compras.

The preferred payment method for online purchases in the world nowadays is still credit cards, however, electronic payment such as PayPal is a close second, so, you can add options to meet your consumers’ needs and to increase your sales.

This choice will depend on your audience’s profile (we’ll talk more about this in the next topic).

After you select the payment methods, make sure to leave this information clear on your sales page to avoid the person to click the buy button and not finding on checkout an option they’re happy with.

Speak the same language of your buyer

A buyer persona is a semi-fictitious representation of your ideal client, created from a detailed analysis of your business and market research.

Once you understand who the ideal customer of your product is, your mission is to write texts that make readers empathize with them, arousing their interest in your offer. Take some time to get to know your audience, the problems they face everyday, and how you and your product can help.

This study will help you come up with a more efficient communication strategy, thus increasing your business’s conversion rates.

Invite your visitor to take action

After you’ve shown all the benefits of your product, how to access and pay for it, it’s time to invite your visitor to take an action on your page, which, in this case, is making the purchase.

To make an impact, your call-to-action needs to be clear and coherent with the rest of the text, besides being well-placed on your page. But don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect CTA right away. You can still test other sentences and layouts for the button until you figure out the one that converts the most.

Download our Sales Page Template

Finally, make sure to download our template to create an outstanding and professional sales page!

What not to do on my sales page

The most common mistakes on the sales page are: the lack of information about the product, not handling your client’s objections, and the utter lack of information that attests for the page’s reliability.

Lack of basic information

Making a good sales page demands details, among them, information that attests for the website’s reliability. When creating your page, be sure to enter the following:

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

To earn the trust of your users and show credibility and transparency, it’s advised that your website’s have a visible privacy policy that explains which information collected on your address are or can be used. It’s also important to add in this term the navigation data collected while the user is visiting our domain.


It’s a term that exempts you from responsibility. It’s important to make clear that the results you promised can vary depending on a number of factors.

Refund deadline

Most products need to offer a deadline to refund the money in case the client isn’t happy with her purchase.

But don’t worry because, if the consumer sees value in your offer, she won’t request a refund. On the contrary, making it clear you’re willing to refund the money will help increase your product’s reliability, which can generate more sales. Check your local Consumer Protection Organism for legal refund deadlines and more information about it.


After all, who is responsible for the product? Having the contact on the sales page is the shortest way for the Producer to solve questions from buyers.

With this straight line, the buyer saves time to find information and the Producer has the chance to convert the sale in a personalized way.

Tips to power-up your sales page


Autoplayer is a parameter that can be added for the video player to start automatically. However, you need to use it carefully, not to compromise user experience and to do so, you can create two versions of your sales page, one with autoplayer, and the other without, to figure out which one converts more.

Page exists

It’s essential that your website have exits, which means that, within your sales page, you need to add at least one link that takes your user to a page where she can find more information about you and your product.

Mobile-friendly page

The number of people who access the Internet through their cellphones has been growing non-stop. So, it’s crucial that your page responds to this kind of browsing. If you don’t have a responsive version of your website yet, you better start getting in the race because a significant number of buyers are accessing your content through it.

Social proof

Before making a purchase, most users search for opinions on that product. So, we suggest you showcase reviews from buyers on your page and use it as a sales argument.

These testimonials can be in text or short videos, showing how your product is able to solve a problem. These stories motivate and create empathy in who is reading/watching, which are two emotions able to influence the purchase decision-making process.

What’s the importance sales pages have to your strategy?

Having a good sales page gives your visitors the idea of credibility and, therefore, you make more sales. The good news is that there are different ways of creating a page that aims conversions without having to spend loads of money on it by following the tips we provided in the text.

But it is also very important to adjust your communication strategies as you understand people’s reaction.

If you’re just starting out on the online sales market, we also suggest you create a blog and write your own content because this will help you build authority in your market niche. Learn step-by-step with our complete guide on how to create a blog.

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