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Monitoring accurately how many subscribers your YouTube channel has is essential to reaching success. One issue creators have been known to share is that YouTube takes a certain amount of time to display your channel’s subscriber count, in addition to not displaying the exact number at times.

If you’ve been wondering how to tackle this issue, don’t worry. There are websites that work as real-time subscriber trackers. Now all you need is to choose the right one according to your strategy.

These websites allow users to follow their YouTube channel’s performance in real-time, with information such as the number of hits and subscriptions per period. 

YouTube Analytics, for example, is one of the free metric tools available.

In addition to it, other websites and platforms generate complete reports that allow you to monitor your channel’s progress. Want a list of the best options around? Well then, keep reading this article.


Top subscriber counter websites and apps

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  1. Social Blade
  2. YTSC – YouTube Subscriber Counter
  3. Live Counts
  4. FreeWebTools
  5. Akshatmittal – YouTube Realtime
  6. Influencer – Live sub count
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1. Social Blade

subrscriber count social blade

At the top of this list, we have Social Blade, one of the best known and most complete subscriber count websites. 

The page is quite intuitive and the website doesn’t require registration or log in to be used. Just search for the desired channel’s information by means of the ID or name in the search field.

And in addition to showing the number of subscribers in real-time, the platform also allows users to perform a more in-depth management of their channel. Providing statistical data, estimated earnings, social ranking, percentage of subscriber increase, etc.

In addition, Social Blade helps you track other social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter. These and other factors make Social Blade one of the most used counters nowadays.

2. YTSC – YouTube Subscriber Counter


Next, we have the YouTube Subscriber Counter. This subscriber counter is quite similar to the previous counter mentioned here. The page also doesn’t require a login or registration in order to display the information of a particular channel.

Obviously, the platform’s main function is to counter the number of subscribers in real-time. But, it also provides complementary information to facilitate the channel’s management by the user, video thumbnails for direct access, total number of views, etc.

Another advantage of this website is that it’s possible to use all of its features through an app compatible with Android cellphones.

3. Live Counts

Live Counts is another well-known subscriber counter on the internet. Its interface is simple and easy to use. You don’t need to register or login in order to use it, just enter the ID or paste the channel’s URL in the search field.

Its features are restricted to the counter, which shows the numbers in real-time and for free. Overall, this platform is quite convenient, without ads.

4. FreeWebTools

Here’s another one for the online counter list. FreeWebTools also gains positive points for its simple and convenient interface.

In order to know a particular channel’s number of subscribers in real-time, just enter a related term in the page’s search field, such as channel name, ID or URL. This counter doesn’t require registration or log in to be used.

A cool feature that can make users’ life easier is the “Favorite Channels” tab. It allows you to add favorites which would be the channels you follow constantly and check additional information, such as number of views, comments, and videos.

5. Akshatmittal – YouTube Realtime

Akshatmittal is yet another subscriber counter that follows the uncomplicated and minimalistic line. 

In order to view free and real-time subscriber information of a specific channel, just search its ID or enter its link. The platform also doesn’t require logging in or passwords.

6. Influencer – Live sub count

Another very practical counter with additional interesting features is Influencer.

Although it has a registration and login tab for influencers and brands, you don’t need either one in order to view the number of subscribers of a channel in real-time.

To do so, users only need to enter a URL in the website’s search field.

Monitoring is key…

Regardless of the subscriber count website you choose, pretty much all of them will deliver satisfactory results, since they are all easy to use, are free of charge, and have been developed to aid the arduous process of monitoring performance.

After all, managing a business geared towards content marketing can be quite complicated. The more tools that help simplify this task, the better and less tiresome your management will be.

Now that you are familiar with several websites to measure the number of subscribers on your channel, how about learning more about growing your YouTube channel? Learn how to use tags to increase your views.

This post was originally published in January 2020. It has been updated to contain more complete information.

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