IGTV: what is it, and how does it work?

IGTV: what is it, and how does it work?

Understand Instagram’s new feature.

If you’re a heavy user of social media and apps, you’ve probably noticed they are being updated all the time to meet the needs of users.

This happens because the digital environment changes really quickly, making people constantly look for new ways of consuming and sharing content.

The media that can’t keep up with this rhythm end up losing space and getting outdated.

And that’s why, to follow the trends and stand out even more in the market, Instagram has recently launched IGTV.

The new app is betting on the increasingly growing consumption of videos, which is one of the preferred content formats of Internet users.

Would you like to learn more?

What is IGTV? Who can use IGTV? Why is it important to make longer content? Ready to stand out with IGTV?

What is IGTV?

IGTV (Instagram TV)  is a free app to share long-form videos.

Whereas Instagram allows the publication of videos of up to 60 seconds, the new app has space for videos of up to one hour in length.

According to the platform’s own definition, Instagram TV has mobility as one of its main focus.

Videos will be created for smartphones, so they will be displayed in portrait mode and full screen, which is the ideal format to watch videos on these devices.

Another priority is a simple, intuitive use.

As you access it, IGTV starts broadcasting videos from the accounts you follow on Instagram. You don’t have to start following the people and brands all over again.

Also, get ready to watch more produced videos: unlike Instagram Stories, IGTV doesn’t allow uploading videos at the same time you record them.

The idea is to be a platform for complete content, that is well-planned and in high-quality.

Who can use IGTV?

One of the positive aspects of this new feature is that it will not be exclusive to famous instagrammers.

All users will be able to use the new feature to share their videos. To do so, you just have use the app to upload your videos directly. The app is available for iOS and Android, and also on a web version.

IGTV focuses on young users, and is ready to compete with YouTube, opening doors to those who want to become content creators.

With interesting videos, it will be possible to stand out and become a “celebrity of Instagram TV”.

Why is it important to make longer content?

You cannot ignore the success of short videos that flock the feed and stories on Instagram.

However, the possibility of sharing long-form videos gives the opportunity for creators to put more information on their videos, making the material more valuable and appealing to users.

The objective is to deliver something that really adds value to the viewers, which is much easier to do when you have more time.

Ready to stand out with IGTV?

We’ve prepared a few tips that will help you create quality content and stand out on IGTV. Check them out:

1. Think of a subject matter you master

To make a good video, you need to know a lot about the topic you have chosen to approach.

Remember that the focus of IGTV is to enable everyone to create content, and that this content takes a deeper dive. Which means that there will be more competition, and people will not spend their time watching tiring, shallow videos.

That’s why you have to pick a subject matter you master to show credibility and become an authority on this topic.

2. Follow a script

To create a complete, professional-looking video, it is essential to write a script before you record.

Besides being an effective way of keeping the content linear and sequential, with a script you don’t run the risk of forgetting about important information.

As you cannot upload videos at the same time you record them, you will have time to prepare the content, highlight important information and think of all the tools you will use to record your videos.

3. Use professional equipment

If the idea is to stand out on IGTV, you can’t make average videos, with low resolution or a lot of noise.

Users tend to give up watching videos that are not in good quality in audio and image, as this makes it difficult to understand the content.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use professional cameras and microphones. But we know it’s not always possible to invest in these tools, especially when you’re just starting out.

The good news is that most smartphones come with advanced resources nowadays, and if this is your case, then it’s OK to use your mobile to record your videos.

Don’t forget to record them vertically, OK?

4. Edit your videos

Long-form videos usually need to be edited, be it to correct something or to make them more dynamic and interesting.

You need to provide the viewers with a pleasant and relevant experience.

That’s why you have to make the best of the editing to cut wrong or unnecessary lines, adjust audio, add soundtrack and sound effects, links, tag other profiles. In short, to make everything in your power to make your content as pleasant as possible.

5. Promote your videos on Instagram itself

IGTV is a brand new tool that many people still don’t know.

To get views and engagement in your videos, promote what you have posted on your own Instagram profile. Therefore, people who are interested in what you share will know about the new and exclusive content that is waiting for them on IGTV.

Both apps are completely integrated, so your followers will be able to view the new videos clicking on icon inside their Instagram profile.

We hope you have enjoyed this new feature, and start using it soon! If your idea is to use this social media to promote your business, then also check out our post on how to sell on Instagram.

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