How to create a YouTube channel: a complete checklist to becoming a YouTuber

How to create a YouTube channel: a complete checklist to becoming a YouTuber

Check out a step-by-step to start your YouTube channel right away!

Creating video content has been more and more widespread, especially because this is a format internauts are always looking for. This happens because watching videos is a practical and even easier way to learn about different topics.

For this reason, there’s a high search volume for videos. According to YouTube itself, 1 billion hours of content are watched every day by more than 1 billion users. That’s why a lot of people have been working on implementing this strategy, whether as their main source of income or a tool to promote their business.

However, for those who are just starting out, there are some questions on how to create a YouTube channel, the main network to organically distribute videos. So, to help you better understand how this platform works, we’ve come up with a complete checklist so you can start your channel right away.

Throughout this post, you’ll learn:

How to create a YouTube channel How to customize your channel How to post videos on YouTube How to attract more visibility for your channel How to monetize your YouTube channel

How to create a YouTube channel

When you create a YouTube channel you have two options. Creating a personal account or under the name of a company. In this post, we’ll present you with the two options to choose the one that best fits your goals on this network.

Most steps are the same for both accounts. So, we’ll talk about them and show the differences in creating a personal and a corporate account throughout this small tutorial.

1. Login to your Google Account

Regardless of the kind of channel you’ll have, you’ll need a Google Account.

To create one, just access YouTube’s website, click on Sign In, on the upper-right corner of the screen or on the bottom left corner and enter our personal or corporate account, if you already have one.

Create a YouTube channel - Youtube's homepage image and indicates the button to create a new account (sign in)

If you don’t have an account yet, as soon as you open the screen to fill out your email/phone number and password, just click More options (under Forgot email?) and Create account.

Create a YouTube channel - Image of Google's page to sign in for a Google account

Create your account providing the information requested.

Create a YouTube channel - Image of the forms you have to fill to create your Google account

2. Create your channel

On the upper-right corner, if you already have an account, it’s likely that you see your image or the logo of your company if you’ve set a profile picture. If you don’t have a photo, you’ll see a light-blue circle with the first letters of your name.

Click the circle and then My Channel.

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen indicating to click the profile picture and then the firs option: my channel

3. Choose a name for your channel

Here, fill out the information with your name for a personal channel, or with the name of your company for a corporate channel.

Click Create channel.

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen of the spaces to fill the name of your channel

If you already have an account for your brand and you use this account to create a YouTube channel, you get to skip all the previous steps to creating your channel or select the corporate account to be directed to an existing channel.

As soon as you click Create channel, a page with your information will open.

How to customize your channel

Assim que você clicar em Criar canal, abrirá uma página com suas informações.

  1. Click on Customize Channel:

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen of the the page with your informations where you can click the button to customize your channel

  1. Edit the images according to what you wish. If it’s a personal account you can add pictures of you. However, if your goal is to create a YouTube channel for your brand, remember to customize it with your logo:
  • Add channel art (recommended size is 2560 x 1414 and, maximum of 6 MB);
  • Add Featured Channels;
  • Change your profile picture;
  • Enable/Disable Popular channels on YouTube;
  • Add a section if you’d like to make videos on different topics and wish to separate them.

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen of a customized channel on Youtube

In this step, you can also adjust the language, location of the content and if restricted mode is on or off (to hide videos that may contain improper content).

  1. Click on My channel, on the upper-left corner to view your channel after you’ve customized it.

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen indicating to click "my channel" in the menu

How to post videos on YouTube

After you’ve created a channel on YouTube, it’s time to post your videos.

Before anything else, you need to record a video. This comes with steps that go from the pre-production of your content, such as deciding the niche you’ll be working on, to the post-production, like promoting your videos, for example.

Here in the blog, we’ve posted about this content before and you can check a complete step-by-step of the creation process of content in video here.

After you have a video ready to upload, which means recorded and edited, you can post it on your channel.

1. Click Upload (represented by an arrow facing up) located on the upper-right corner, next to the circle with your photo.

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen indicating where to click to upload videos

2. On the screen that opens, click Select files to upload and choose the video on your computer.

There’s also the option to import videos from Google Photos and start a Live Streaming.

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen of the page to select and upload the video

Notice you can only send videos that are up to 15 minutes long. If you’d like to upload longer videos, you need to increase your limit. To do so, verify your account through a phone call or text by clicking Increase your limit, right below Help and Suggestions.

3. Fill in the basic information about your video, such as title, description, tags, and the video thumbnail (for personalized thumbnails, you need your account to be verified).

Besides, in this step you’ll set how your video will feature:

  1. Public: all YouTube users have access to your content;
  2. Unlisted: only people who have the link to your video can watch it;
  3. Private: only you can view the video;
  4. Scheduled: you can choose a date and time for your content to be posted.

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen indicating where to put video informations

4. Click on Advanced settings to complete information such as:

  • Allow comments or not;
  • Choose between a Standard YouTube License or Creative Commons (a license exclusive for 100% original content);
  • Video Category;
  • Language, etc.

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen indicating where are the advanced settings

5. Click Done, on the upper-right corner and you’re all set! Your video will be on YouTube.

Create a YouTube channel - Printscreen of the page that says your video is ready

If you want to edit it, just click Return to editing and change whatever you’d like.

Click the link made available to view how your video features on YouTube.

Create a YouTube channel - Image of the visualization of the video you uploaded

Remember you can always return and edit your video clicking Edit Video.

Create a YouTube channel - Image showing the button: info & settings

How to attract more visibility for your channel

There’s no point having a YouTube channel, having videos uploaded if people don’t view your content. That’s why, besides creating original videos with topics that matter to your audience, you need to attract visibility to your channel.

Since there’s been a boost in the search for content in video, competition on YouTube has also increased. So, beyond dedicating to creating your videos, you also need to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to your channel.

You need to:

  1. Shoot a quality video;
  2. Choose a relevant keyword for your content and use it on your video’s title and description;
  3. Create a Thumbnail (exhibition image) that catches your users’ attention;
  4. Pay attention to the length of your video;
  5. Add subtitles;
  6. Insert cards when editing your video;
  7. Promote your content on your social media with an attractive copy to spark people’s interest;
  8. Partner up with other YouTubers;
  9. Vary the format and length of your videos.

(Take advantage to read our complete post on YouTube SEO.)

Besides, you can also invest in paid ads, such as Google AdWords, so your video has a higher reach.

What’s important in this step is that your content is seen and, better yet, shared. Then, other users will get to know your channel and little by little you’ll be able to rank higher on YouTube’s search results.

How to monetize your YouTube channel

Did you know it’s possible to make money from your YouTube videos?

If you have a channel with over 10,000 views, you get to run ads on your videos and get paid for it.

1. If this is your case, sign in to your YouTube account and on the upper-right corner, click on Creator Studio.

Create a YouTube channel - Screenshot indicating where is the creator studio

2. Select Channel on the left-side menu and then Status and features.

Create a YouTube channel - Screenshot indicating to click the button "status and features"

3. Go to the Monetization box and click on Enable.

Create a YouTube channel - Image indicating where to click to monetize your channel

4. Click on Start to read and agree to the terms of the partnership program from YouTube.

Create a YouTube channel - Image indicating to click to start


From this step on, whenever you click on Start, you’ll be automatically redirected to the next steps.

5. Create an account on Google AdSense or use one that already exists on your channel. It is through this account you’ll receive payments.

Create a YouTube channel - Screenshot of Google AdSense sign in page

6. Set your preferences for income generation, which means the kind of ads you want to add to your videos and click on Save. Don’t forget to automatically enable income generation for all your future and existing videos.

Create a YouTube channel - Screenshot of preferences page on Google AdSense

7. Wait for your channel to be analyzed and as soon as you have over 10,000 views, your channel will start generating revenue.

Create a YouTube channel - Image of the fourth step that is to follow the evolution of the number of views you have

Now that you followed all the steps, from creating a YouTube channel to monetizing it, you might be wondering how much money you’ll receive from this network.

There isn’t a fixed price set, all we know about this subject is speculation. But for you to better understand these amounts, be sure to read our post on how much a YouTuber makes and understand if it is worth it becoming one.

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